How Arizonan Are you?

There are 50 states out there. New york Florida but have you heard of nice and hot AZ? Ya know the grand canyon state? You should see if your truly arizonan

are you? if you take the quiz then find out because you will be surprised on how you scored. most are you should see and be proud of your score so ya bye

Created by: Kenzy
  1. What is the hottest temperature you been in?
  2. Have you ever driven with a towel on the wheel while driving?
  3. Were do you park in an parking lot?
  4. When do you start to wear a jacket?
  5. Do relatives ever visit you in AZ?
  6. Are you a native?
  7. What is one thing dangerous about driving?
  8. Do you own a umbrella?
  9. Whats the coldest temp. you ever been in?
  10. What did you think?

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Quiz topic: How Arizonan am I?