How Argentine are you?

Do you want to know how Argentine you are? You have no idea what Argentine means? Then better go away because this is not for ignorants! And if you are not so ignorant then see how much do you know about Argentine culture, geography and history.

Are you Argentina? Do you know something about Argentina? Are you not a British? Then this is the right place for you! Test your knowledge about the country! And if you didn't even know there was a country called like that, you better move because this is not for beginners.

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  1. How many times the national constitution suffered modification?
  2. Where was born Domingo Faustino Sarmiento?
  3. Which one is the true name for you?
  4. Which of these is an Argentine food?
  5. In what team did Maradona played?
  6. Who invented the gastric by-pass?
  7. Which of these provinces DOESN'T belong to Argentina?
  8. How did Fernando De La Rua left the pink house?
  9. Who modified the constitution?
  10. What is Cuyo?
  11. What is the most common religion in Argentina?

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Quiz topic: How Argentine am I?