How Are You Going to Die?

Have you ever wondered as to which way you might die? Well, if you take this quiz, I'll give you my best results. You'll notice a lot of bold words. Those are key words in the question, related to the result that you might get.

So, if you take this quiz, you'll see four different ways that you can die. That doesn't mean it's actually going to happen, more like how things might be looking for you. Trust me, I doubt it, but it's a fun quiz to take.

Created by: xendocheionology

  1. Are you in good health?
  2. Do you often play with fire?
  3. Do you drive safely?
  4. Are you weary?
  5. Do you give people a reason to hate you?
  6. Do you have an arch, sowrn enemy?
  7. Are you a stepparent? If you're not even married, then simply select no.
  8. Are you religious?
  9. Do you walk under ladders on Friday the 13th?
  10. Are you prepared to find out how you might die?

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Quiz topic: How am I Going to Die?