Horse Riding and Care Level

This quiz is to show what your experience level is. Though take it all with a grain of salt, as this is only a quiz. But I hope you enjoy it and can have fun without feeling criticized.

This quiz is testing your knowledge on riding and care of the horse, so if you have a lot of one and little of the other you may have strange results.

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  1. Have you ever ridden?
  2. Do you own a horse?
  3. Can you walk trot and canter independently?
  4. How many of these things can you do. Give a full and thorough groom, Tack up, Untack, Lead a horse, Lunge a horse.
  5. How often do you ride green horses?
  6. How often do you ride?
  7. Have you gone on a trail ride?
  8. What horse do you most commonly ride.
  9. Have you jumped?
  10. Have you cleaned tack before?
  11. If you jump how high do you jump.
  12. Do you muck stalls?
  13. If you have horses do you keep them at home.
  14. What do you look for in a horse? ( this is of course preference and less of skill)
  15. What is the frog?
  16. Can you prevent a horse from bucking?
  17. Can you sit a bolt.
  18. Could you start and break in a horse?
  19. Can you do any of these and if so how many. Free walk, collected walk, extended walk, medium walk, Spanish walk.
  20. Did you have fun?

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