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I don't really know when it started, I just remember falling asleep and waking up in a strange room in a strange house that's full of strange people. I wished that I had not forgotten to ask where I was going and my mother wasn't the type to just leave me. Aerica and I are the only ones that want to find out the truth and when we do we can't believe our ears ~"You promised...I thought you said that we were safe!" I exploded with fear and worry. Aerica couldn't believe her ears as well, she couldn't think of anything to say. Ash stood with his hands in his pockets "Well this is my last promise, I will make no more promises"~

Isabella was just a normal girl in the start, trying to find herself in life. Where she stood, she never found that out. Bust she will, she got dropped off at a weird place and she is alone. Apart from her there are 4 girls and none of them know why they are there. As Isabella tries to figure about the truth, but she just digs herself into a deeper hole. Then she got two letters one was good the other bad. Now she is cursed night and day but she has bigger things to worry about like the war she is training for. But not just any war, a war where no humans are allowed and there are no rules. Whoever wins takes Isabella...even if she is dead.

Created by: singin234
  1. Okay before I start, I am just going to tell you This was a dream I once had. So yeah It might be werid but I hope you like it. (I have werid dreams) Yes I have added some things as well
  2. ~The night of fright~ I had just finished school; I was happy and went to see my dad. My step dad dropped me off at the lake. The water was still and flat, the boats were racing around. I put on my coat as the cold wind swept past my shoulder. I looked around for him and no doubt, I found my dad sitting on a bench with two people I hate the most. I walked over nervous; my legs were shaking from the cold. I wish I wore something warmer, I thought to myself. I had on chucked on some shorts and a plain grey t-shirt. My dad stood up as I went up to him, I hugged him. He was warm. I looked at who was behind him, it was my two lest favourite people. From a distant I couldn't see them so well, but it was clear now. Aeldra and Bardon, my father's cousin twins. I had have to say they were nothing alike, Aeldra was tall and slim unlike Bardon, who was short and plump. They made room for me and I sat down wrapping my coat more around me, as the wind picked up. My father passed my some lunch, a chicken sandwich with a lolly on the side, "Thanks" I tell him. I bite into my sandwich not even caring to say hello to the twins. Aeldra cleared her throat and said to me "So what do you want to be?" I stared blankly at her. Huh? I thought. She rolled her blue eyes and asked again "What do you want to be or I should say what you are going to be" I shallowed a bit of my sandwich. I started unwrapped a lolly wrapper and said "an author" I shyly looked at the ground. Aeldra hated books, every single one in the world but the ones that had gossip in them. She stared at me and said "your choice. I am going to be a fashion designer" she told me proudly. That's something she could do, she had good taste. I never really cared about fashion unlike her. Bardon looked at me and shyly said "If you end up making a book, will you make one that has me in it. But a different name of course" I nodded "Maybe not my first one but someday" I told him chucking a lolly into my mouth. I looked at the time, "I got to go, bye guys" I say hoping up and hugging my dad. I gave them a wave and ran off;
  3. I made it just in time to see my mum's sliver car, parking. I opened the back door and climbed over the back to see my mother and grandmother talking. My mother greeted me with a hug and then I looked out the window and my step dad rushed off. I looked at the trees that were all shapes, shades and sizes; I turned to my mother to see what she was talking about with my grandmother. "You know about the cowboys and cowgirls?" My grandmother asked her, I turned away. I didn't want to hear anymore. I fell into a deep asleep.
  4. I had forgotten to ask where we were going; when I woke I ended up on a purple bed. There was a knock at the door, "Come in" I yelled sitting up. A guy opened the door "Just telling you your mum left" they told me. I studied him, pitch black and sad ocean blue eyes. "Why am I here" I asked him staring up at the grey roof above me. He sighed "We will tell you when we tell the other girls" he said and left. It wasn't like my mother to just leave me for no reason, something must be wrong very wrong. I really didn't know what do to, so I looked in the mirror. My brown hair had knots in it and it was messy. I sighed and took it out; I bushed it and put it back up. I turned around and walked out to a couch, TV, and a table. It was like a little house in this part. I looked at the window, amazing how pretty the view was from my room
  5. Then there was a soft knock at the door, "come in" I yelled. The door opened and in walked a girl with dirty blond hair that was back in a low ponytail and she had hazel eyes. She smiled at me cheerfully "are you Isabella?" she asked me. I nodded, "who are you?" I asked taking my coat off. She never stopped smiling "Aerica, do you know why we are here?" she asked me. I shook my head and sighed "I wish I knew" Aerica nodded in agreement. The girl looked around to see what it was like, her eyes flicked to thing to thing and then her eyes landed back on me. Aercia's face lit up "let's look around" she forced me. She grabbed my hand and led me about of the room. I looked back and closed the door, in sliver writing it said Isabella's room. I stared at it and Aerica kept tugging me, so I walked with her. She still was dragging me down the stairs, "you're so lucky, your room is near the stairs. Mine is too but yours is the biggest by far, I mean you have a table. We don't" Aura told me as she stared going faster down the stairs. I didn't know what she meant by "˜we' but I forgot about it. The stairs had red carpet on them, just like my brother always wanted to bump down the stairs. We did it when we were kids, well that's all behind me now.
  6. Aerica ran smack into someone, she fell down and I balanced myself so I didn't fall down with her. I looked up to see the guy that was tall; he looked strong like the other guy. But unlike the other guy he had sandy blond hair and sparking green eyes. He looked at us both and smiled "are you two ok" he asked, we both nodded and sighed, "Sorry" mumbled Aerica. She stood up and didn't let go of my wrist, "I am Austin" said the guy smiling warmly at me, "Isabella, but you knew that already right?" I asked him. He nodded and looked down at the red carpet, "nice meeting you" he said and walked away before I could say anything. When he was a meter away he turned around and looked onto my eyes, I looked back into his eyes and then he shook his head and turned away. My eyes didn't leave him until he opened a door and went out it. I turned to Aerica "did I do something wrong?" I asked her feeling a bit nervous. She shook her head and turned around to face me, "No, I don't think so. You said all the right things, maybe it has something to do with why we are here" she suggested, and then she broke into a smile I didn't like at all. "Aerica, what are you thinking" I said nervously, I didn't know if I wanted an answer.
  7. She didn't answer me she just started pulling me again. We went past a clock and saw the time 1:00pm. I must have slept a long time I thought. We entered a kitchen and saw a man with orange hair and he was wearing a chef hat. He turned to us "hello girls" he said cheerfully "Hello, I am Aerica and that's Isabella" she said pointing to me. I smiled and said "Nice to meet you" he chucked "I am Chris, you have such nice manners too bad your table manners are not like that" He told me, I blushed a light pink "How did you know" he ginned at me. He whispered in my ear "You looked shocked when you walked in" I giggled and Aerica looked puzzled. He laughed at Aerica's expression, "don't worry, you have a table in your room. Aerica will eat with you, Mable will bring it up to you" He told me. Before I could say anything Aerica beat me to it "Who is Mable?" she asked. Chris walked over to another bench and we went after him. He sat down on a stool; a meter behind him was another door. I wondered where it led to "She is the maid; she is always cleaning and moving. No wonder you haven't seen her" Chris laughed, "Now you girls stay out of trouble now" he told us. I looked up at him and smiled a wicked smile and lied "oh we will" me and Aerica said looking at each other wickedly and then we looked at Chris "bye" we smiled and Aerica pulled me out of the kitchen.
  8. Then I heard a door open from the other side of the kitchen and Austin's voice was heard. Chris laughed and said to him "good luck with them, they seem nice though" Austin chucked "thanks we will need it" Then the door closed on the other side and Aerica kept dragging me somewhere different "Now where?" I asked her and as usual she said nothing but kept dragging. Oh what now? I asked myself, no one answered.
  9. Mable brought up mine and Aerica's food, "thank you Mable" I said before she left. I looked down at my vegetables and meat. Mable smiled "That's ok Miss Isabella" she said and bowed her head "I am happy to help" then she left smiling. I stared at the back of the door, weird I thought and sat up at the table with Aerica who was grabbing half of my food and putting it on her plate. Lucky I don't eat a lot; I sighed and wondered about the other people here. I chucked a carrot in my mouth and grabbed my knife and fork for the next one. After awhile Aerica took half of my half I haven't ate yet, then I heard voice from out front of my room.
  10. Aerica herd it too and ran to listen to what they were saying, the conversation was between Austin and Mable. Austin laughed at something Mable had said. Austin said back "it's funny Chris said the same thing about them two" I heard Mable laugh "I don't know how Isabella can speak so well, I mean Aerica speaks well too but..." Mable trailed off and Austin laughed "she was taught and let's leave it at that" Austin said growing serious. Then one of them walked away but then the door opened and Aerica rushed for the table and she sat under it. It had been Austin that opened the door, "Aerica, what are you doing under the table?" he asked. Aerica's face went red and I kicked her lightly "nothing" she croaked. That didn't lead Austin off our tail "anyways you two can tell me later. I just wanted to say it's time to meet everyone. They are all waiting for you" I stood up and helped Aerica up from under the table

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