Hogwarts love life

Your life at Hogwarts! Take this quiz to get your result of who you end up with and what happens. Love Harry potter as much as i do and take this quiz.

Hope you like it. It was my first one. I might make a second one. One of the Characyers is based off of my Harry potter life and name. Guess which one it is.

Created by: HaLeY

  1. Whats your age
  2. What House will you want to be sorted into?
  3. Role play! you see a kid having trouble with his spells you..
  4. Who would you want as a bestfreind
  5. Who would you want to date
  6. Death Eater?
  7. Pure Blood?
  8. Do you find muggles intereting
  9. How did you hear about Hogwarts
  10. RP! Harry just got you detention what will you do?

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