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Control of the production and distribution of bread has been used as a means of exercising political influence over the populace for at least the last two millennia.

This article presents a review of published literatures on experimental and mathematical studies on bread baking during the last two decades. Baking technology, evolution of baking ingredients, thermophysical properties of bread as functions of moisture content and baking time are reviewed. Experimental and simulative studies on profiling of temperature, moisture content, pore volume, expansion ratio during baking are also reviewed.

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  1. Why did I have to do the results before the questions?
  2. How high do you think you are? (This is a 99.99% accurate quiz on how high you are)
  3. Why did he go squeak?
  4. How are you feeling right now? (If you are feeling more than one emotion and would like to select multiple answers, then go f--- yourself and just pick the one you are feeling the most)
  5. Robo-captain. Do you not realizeThat by destroying the human raceBecause of their destructive tendenciesWe too have become likeWell, it's ironic
  6. Which of these piles of laundry have been washed with Olympus, the gods detergent?
  7. Should you have a cone
  8. Music?
  9. Songs you should listen to
  10. Rate your experience with us today

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