Hicc's 2018 Shout-outs

Hello peoples of GTQ! So since I've been on this website for over three years now I've sort of felt guilty for not making a quiz so here is one! It's pretty lame but I always enjoy telling people how much I enjoy them. Whatever.

So have at it, peoples! I'm sorry if you didn't make it into the quiz. It's nothing personal, it's just after 3 am and my brain doesn't work well at this time. You can complain to me on my thread or email me and I will put you in too.

Created by: Hiccstrid

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  1. All right, first shout-out goes to Paige! I'm just gonna get super sappy and let out all the feels right away. Paige, you're the best friend I could ever have or ask for. You light up my life more than anyone I know in real life and I look forward to talking to you whenever I can. Whenever you feel useless or like you're not needed, always remember there's a stupid teenaged fangirl living in Oregon who thinks of you every single day.
  2. Another shoutout to Stardust! I swear, you must live in Narnia or somewhere with messed up time because I cannot remember the last time we actually talked live, but I would love to! ^~^ You're a very interesting person and I enjoy reading your posts.
  3. Shoutout to Dawson (or Drakey)! Seriously dude where the heck have you been because we haven't talked in ages :P But I think you're a really chill person and we've had some swell times in the past few years! #DRPEPPERROCKS
  4. Shoutout to Puppet (Sealia)! I'm really glad you're back on GTQ! It's great to finally have another Dragonite around in this lonely hellhole :)
  5. Shoutout to Anastasia! I really respect you and what you stand up for. You've been a real encouragement to me and given me a lot to think about. Keeping doing what you're doing there ^~^
  6. Shoutout to Sniperlazy! We've talked on and off and I think you're pretty interesting.
  7. Shoutout to Shadowmere! A survivor of the 2015 Golden Age! I am still reloading for our next epic face-off, never fear!
  8. JEESHAN!!! Bro where did you go tho? You're really awesome though and you've got lots more and better quizzes than I do. Keep living the chill life!
  9. Cody! So glad to see you back again! I miss our more frequent convos--your intriguing "wisdom" and taco obsession. Those times were great :)
  10. Kalafina/Ati (I think I used to have a nickname for you but I forgot...) I love your art and your heart (THAT RHYMED PEOPLES) Still haven't forgotten you were the first to post on my thread ^~^
  11. Before I forget, a big shoutout to all the mods! Rain, Dark, Br0wnie--y'all know who you are. Peace out, mod gods ;)
  12. Oh and of course a gigantic shoutout to GTQ Guy without whom none of us would know happiness!
  13. BREADBOY69!!! Dude you're awesome, all right? That's all I can say. It would be cool to get to know you a little better.
  14. Also shoutout to all the inactive and semi-inactive users--Adam, Nelly, Le1F, Dream, Ollie, Jozy, and the rest. A moment of silent remembrance goes to you all. REST IN PEACE MY DEAR WARRIORS <3
  15. Oh and Fluffy as well!
  17. Shoutout to The Actual Boss or drudey or whatever your name is XD You've taken out some time to talk to me and I appreciate it.
  18. Also a shoutout to users I never talk to because I'm socially lousy: therealminime, zeronightshade, SkyKirin, TheLoveOfBands, etc. Y'all are chill and I should talk to you sometime.
  19. All right I think that's all for now! If more amazing people pop into my brain at a time when it is functioning normally, I will add you all later!
  20. And just because I need to satisfy my OCD tendencies by having a round number of questions, I give you an entirely purposeless question #20!

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