Hey hey hey Jessie

Before you take this quiz, please note: my sister who's five, wroted this, all of this. She told me what to type. Even this part-well, not really this part.

(my sister's words start...NOW!) Before you take it, it kinda long. You are nice. You are cool. You are awesome. This quiz is about Jessie, honey-bunch.

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. is Jessie nice?
  2. Is Zuri a girl?
  3. Is Emma cool?
  4. Is Bertram fat?
  5. Is the mom pretty?
  6. Is the Dad handsome?
  7. Does Luke have freckles?
  8. Does Ravi have a pet?
  9. Does Tony have a job?
  10. Does Mrs. Chesterfield have clothes?

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