Hearts in the dark ~part 1~

Hello people! Welcome to my NEW series!!! This is totally different to my other series! (I am still doing those!!!) So, I hope you like this!!! :D :D :D

Characters... Dustin- Brown hair, Hazel eyes, your boyfriend, mean... Fang- Blonde hair, blue eyes, random dude, p.s. Not a geek!... Flash- Black emo hair, green eyes, mysterious, helpful!!! Enjoy! :D

Created by: js0cj
  1. Right, first things first, your name is ___ Sanders, ok? You at 16, and go to Westbridge Jr high. You live at 52 Pennington street with your mum, but she's always out partying, or getting drunk, or sleeping with strangers. You have a BFF called Jess Cold, which is me, minus the surname. So, if anything says 'I', it's what Jess did. If it says 'You' it's you, not Jess! You have a boyfriend called Dustin. Anything else...? Oh yes, you have the worst teacher ever, called Mr. Lawson, and he's a bit like Prof. Snape in Harry Potter! Ok, it's get this story started!!!
  2. The clock was ticking really slowly this Friday afternoon, wanting the last minute of the school day to end as late as possible. Each second was like a minute, going as slow as Mr. Lawson was talking. You sighed, writing down the notes you had to, since you didn't want yet another detention with Mr. Lawson. Dustin, who was sat next to you, sighed as well, trying to copy you. You ignore him. You were still mad at him of what he tried to do to you last night. (Me: ;D) He's been trying to make it up to you, but, for you, it was the last straw, thought for some reason you didn't dump him. From behind you, I watched you, your anger showing. Being a nice friend, to get your mind off Dustin, I kicked your chair. You turn around and shout, "Jess, you b***h!" Sorry!!! Just then, Mr. Lawson shouts, "Miss. Sanders, will you please sit down. Detention for a week." You turn around, slouching in your chair. I couldn't help but laugh. "Miss. Cold, what is it you find so amusing?" Mr. Lawson said, and I instantly stopped laughing. Just then, before Sir could give me detention, the bell rings. Everyone runs out of class, except you and Dustin. Dustin walks over to you and says, "Babe, I'll wait outside for you." You snort. "I bet you won't," you say, and Dustin walks out, not wanting to pick a fight with you. Mr. Lawson stares at you evilly. "Once again, Miss. Sanders, you find yourself stuck here, due to your indescribable, unacceptable behaviour. Today, though, you have a friend," he says, and, as if on cue, the door opens and someone walks in.
  3. Fang! He's the dirty blonde haired, baby blue eyed boy that keeps wanting to talk to you, but you never know why. He's so annoying, even more annoying than me! (Me: :3) "Collins, you're late," Mr. Lawson says to Fang, and Fang doesn't say anything, but sits next to you. "Hey ___," he says, with a cute smile, but then Sir shouts, "Collins, this is detention, not a social club!" Fang stops smiling, and slouches in his seat. For a awful hour, you sit in silence, staring at the ugly Mr. Lawson's face, sitting next to the annoying Fang. Finally, when it's over, you stand up and walk out, to find Dustin nowhere. "You b***h," you say to yourself, and begin to walk home. It's winter, and it's quite dark now, and it doesn't help that the snow is deep, and freezing. Suddenly, you realise, you were on autopilot, and was stood outside of Dustin's house. You decide to see if he's there, so that 1, you can find out why he ditched you, and 2, you can get something to eat, since you forgot your lunch today. You walk up to the door and was just about to knock, when noises coming from the living room make you stop. You look through the steaming window and look through the crack in the curtain to see clothes on the floor and Dustin, laying naked on top of a naked girl, humping her. You quickly turn away, something aching in your heart. You run down the path, tripping at the gate as you do. You land THUD on the ice, and hurt your leg really badly. Dustin must have heard you, because he grabs his jacket, wraps it around his waist, and looks out of the window and sees you. Instead of anything a 'at least kind hearted' boyfriend would do, he just laughed, and turned and continued with his new girl. You slowly get to your feet, and try hopping back to your home, which was at least ten streets away. But, you keep falling. When you turn to go to a different street, you fall over again, and REALLY badly hurt your leg. You give up, and sit in the snow, soaking wet, and cry. Why would Dustin do that? Who do you think the girl is?
  4. Just then, a black BMW rolls up next to you. You think, and try to get to your feet. The car door on the other side of the car slams, and someone walks up to you. You prepare yourself to get knocked out, but instead, you feel a gentle hand on your shoulder. "Miss, are you ok?" you hear a calm, yet worried voice say. You slowly look up to see a boy, about a year older than you, looking at you. He had emo-like black hair, and Crystal-emerald green eyes that could light up the darkness of this late December night. You shake your head, responding to his question. He looks at your leg, and, looking yourself, you almost scream as you see pink snow by it. (Me: To any dimmwitts who don't yet it, your leg was bleeding, Red+White=Pink!) "Come on, I'll take you home," he says, and helps you up. You limp to the car, and the guy helps you in. You sit down, almost crying in pain. The guy rolls your trouser leg up, and looks at your leg. "Yes, it looks like it's broken. Do you want me to take you to the hospital?" he says. You honestly don't want to go to the hospital, and was just about to say no, but then the guy says, "Ok then, but you'll have to be seen to. My father's a doctor. I'll ask him to come around to your house after I drop you off." He then closes your door, and hops in the driver seat. He starts to drive, and soon, he's pulled up outside 52 Pennington street. Before you could ask, he hops out and runs to the door. He rings the doorbell, and your mum, who's completely drunk, answers the door. "Hallo lovely... You come to knock me up, up and away?" you mum says, but then falls backwards onto the floor. The guy doesn't hink this is a good idea, and closes the door and walks back to you. He hops back in the drivers seat and says, "I don't think you mum is sober... I'll take you back to my house." You can't argue with that. Knowing your mum, she's probably with a guy, and you'll be sat there all night, listening to humping, which will only remind you of Dustin. What do you do?
  5. You end up staying with this guy, and he drives you into the night. It looks like he doesn't live in the area, because it takes him half an hour to get to his house. On the drive, you have a small conversation. *screams in pain* "You ok?" the guy asks. You nod, even though you're not. "Oh, by the way, it's Flash," he says. "___," you say. Flash nods again, and then focuses on driving. Two minutes later, he turns the radio on, and a soft lullaby type of song comes on. Soon, you fall sleep. You wake up as the car slowly comes to a stop. Flash gets out of the car and walks around to your side of the car. You pretend to be asleep, and Flash picks you up like a baby and carries you down the driveway. Inside, he places you down on the sofa, and walks out of the room. You can hear Flash speaking to someone in another room. Suddenly, there is a shout of a older man, in about his 40's. "What! Flash, I said never bring anyone home. What did you do to it? You didn't kill it, did you?" You feel quite offended by being called an 'it', but keep up the act. You hear Flash say something else, and then both people walk into the room. The man sighs when he sees you, and kneels down next to you. "Yes, she's broke her leg. I'll fix it up, but I need to speak to her," he says. You feel him gently shake you, and you open your eyes to see an older version of Flash hanging over you. "Miss. I am Dr. Darkness. Can you please tell me what happened?" he says in a kind, yet somehow creepy voice. (Me: You know Dracular, the accent he had, well, that's the accent Dr. Darkness has!) "Well, I was running in the snow, and slipped," you say. Dr. Darkness nods. "What were you running away from?" he asks. You don't answer. But then, Flash says, "Her boyfriend. He was... With another girl." You stare at him. You don't recall telling Flash. Dr. Darkness nods again. "Ok, well, I'll plaster your leg up, and you may stay here for the night. Flash will drive you home tomorrow," he says, and then stands up. He puts a cast on your leg, and you and Flash sit on the sofa, watching TV. What do you watch?
  6. It's really late when you fall asleep. When you wake up the next morning, you find yourself with your head against Flash's chest. You go to sit up, but find Flash's arm around your waist. Flash is still asleep, and you don't want to disturb him, so you try to go back to sleep. But, just as you close your eyes, Flash moves. You sit up, and Flash opens his eyes. "Morning ___," he says, and sits up as well. "How's your ankle?" he asks. "It feels better," you say after a couple of seconds. Flash looks at you. "Really... Doesn't look it," he says. You shrug. You both eat breakfast and then Flash carries you to the car. Another half an hour passes in silence, and finally you were home again. Flash pulls up outside your house, but doesn't move. "I guess this is goodbye," Flash says, looking a bit sad. "No it isn't. We can still keep in touch," you say, a little confused. Flash looks sad. "Look, my dad, as kind as he seems, doesn't want me to know you. I'll see you about, maybe..." he says, and passes you a pair of crutches from the back seats. A little sad, you hop out of the car, and walk into your house. Your mum was lying on the living room floor, obviously having a massive hangover. Next to her was a man, who looked old enough to be your granddad. You hop to the stairs, and try to get up them. You manage to get to the top, and hop to your room. You lie on your bed, thinking about yesterday. One of the weirdest days of your life. Just then, you remember that I was going to text you. You turn on your phone and see three texts. Who do you think they're from?
  7. Message 1: '___, where the f**k are you? I've been trying to call you for ages now! You're missing out on all of the fun. I, Dustin and Rhianna are at the smoothie Shake... Hurry up making out with Mr. Lawson and get your a*s here!'... Jess---- Message 2: 'Hurry up ___, Dustin is getting annoyed!'... Jess----- Message 3: 'Hi ___, it's Flash. Please save my number'..... Unknown----------------- You save Flash's number, and lie on you bed, bored. (Me: I sent those messages yesterday!) Just then, you get a call. You pick up the phone. "Y'ello?" you say. "___, you've gotta get down here! Dustin's trying to break the world record for most drinks in minute. This is his third try, and he's almost broke it!" I say, watching the crowd cheer Dustin. You sigh. "Ok, I'll be there in two," you say, and hang up. You decide to get change, since you are still in yesterday's clothes. What do you get dressed into?
  8. You go outside, and hop to your car. You know it will be kinda impossible to drive, so you hop to the Smoothie Shake. When you get there, I run up to you shouting, "He did it!" I pull you to where Dustin saw sat, looking very sick. "Hi ___," he says, before being violently sick over the bar. Everyone looks disgusted at Dustin, and most leave. You, me and Dustin talk for a while, but then you get a text from some unknown person. 'Meet me at the back of the smoothie shake.' You shrug, and decide to go. When you get there, you see someone sat on a bench, waiting. "Hi Fang," you say, walking up to him. He turns and smiles. "Oh, hi ___. I see you got my text," he says, ad you sit down next to him. "Why did you text me?" you ask, annoyed. "Because I could," he says, smirking. "How did you get my number?" you ask. Fang smirks again. "Give you three guesses," he said. "I hate you, Jess," you say to yourself. What do you do?
  9. "Soooooo..." Fang says, looking at the floor. "Soooooo... What? You were the one who wanted me to come here," you say, getting very angry. Fang looks sad. "It's just, I've wanted to tell you something, for a long time now. I lo..." Just then, the black BMW rolls up. You stand up and walk over. "Bye Fang," you say, and hop into Flash's car. "Hey Flash, than-" you start, but Flash says, "___, are you alright? Are you hurt?" You look at him confused. Flash nods. "What?" you ask, but then he shakes his head. Flash rolls down the window and shouts to Fang, "Oi, b***h, stop annoying ___," and then he drives off. The journey is quiet, and then Flash pulls up outside your house. "___, this is the last time I'm going to tell you, I don't want to see you again, for your own sake," Flash says. You are a bit confused, but say thanks and hop to your front door. As you get there, you see Dustin there, waiting for you. "What do YOU want?" you shout up to him. Dustin smiles. "Nothin... Just came to see my best girl!" he says, walking down and wrapping an arm around your shoulder. You shrug him off. "As if I am, especially when you're having s*x with some other girl!" you say and hop away from him. "Babe," he shouts after you, but you stop still, without turning to face him, and shout, "I am not your babe anymore! We're through!!!"
  10. You hop inside, leaving Dustin to make his own way home, IE, his blue Subaru! You manage to get upstairs, avoiding your mum, who is drinking shots by the gallon with this new guy, who looks young enough to be your brother! You lie on your bed again, waiting for something to do. You decide to text me. 'Jes r u there?' you text. Ten minutes later, I text back, '___, u dumped Dust!!! Y?' You sigh, and text, 'He's a b***h!' After that I don't text back. You wait for an answer. An hour later you get a text, but it's not from me! '___, get out of the house!' Who sent it?

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