Have you got the potato spirit?

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Hi, I'm called Emily but you can call me POTATO-CAPTAIN or PC Emily; As here I am to give you this quiz to see how potato spiritual you truly are! As you will find out, i am a true lover of potatoes and most likely to try and encourage you to choose the last answer for each questions(the ones in capitals)!

So here we will start and find out your true inner potato-soldier! Today is the day, the day you'll find out the real truth behind who you really are in potato(soldier) form and.... ENJOY!

Created by: Emily of this site
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  1. Hi potato-soldier!
  2. First question; are you ready for the potato quiz?
  3. How do you react when I say "POTATOES........... invASION!"?
  4. If you were one of the potatoes invading earth, how would you kill a human?
  5. Enough of the Potato invasion...
  6. What potato would you be?
  7. What's your back-up potato?
  8. Bored of Potatoes? (hope not)
  9. If you were a potato and were about to die(by an evil human) how would you feel?
  10. Sorry, never asked- do you even like potatoes?
  11. Now be honest, I don't mind if you break my heart; so what's your favorite thing you like about potatoes?
  12. Which vegetable would you pick?
  13. Someones trying to kill you. There's a massive potato or a hard balloon filled with acid-which do you take?
  14. Thanks for taking my potato quiz (I wish it would never end) so now you can find out how spiritual you are with the potatoes!
  15. Random potato question; choose a potato!

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