Harry Potter Ultimate Quiz

Harry Potter Fans go out of their way to try this. Even the best dont get all right without looking at the books.Super Hard for experts even! Let me see you try!

Tia is a ultimate challenge I think JK Rowling will not even get 100 correct! Harry Potter makes you super smart and super brainy. Geniuses of HP beware..........

Created by: HarryPotterFan

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  1. When was Voldemort's snake first mentioned ?
  2. What is Harry's real name?
  3. Who is Dudley Dursley?
  4. What broomstick does Nymphadora Tonks use?
  5. Is Snape evil?
  6. What is the name of the goblin that first led Harry to his vault in gringots?
  7. What is the number of the vault that contain the Philosophers stone?
  8. What is JK Rowlings real name?
  9. How many books are there in the series?
  10. Who killed Snape?
  11. Who are the three Ministers of magic except for Voldemoret?

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