Harry Potter soulmate

This is a quiz mostly for qirls! Please let me know in comments who you get! Hope u enjoy! Are you a Harry Potter gal? A Ron gal? Or Fred and George gal?

In a few minutes your results are there.... I will like you to not say mean things because this is my first one! I hope you enjoyed? Do have what it takes to be a good girlfriend or a bad girlfriend

Created by: Hailey Ryan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Feelings on Draco?
  2. Favorite color according to Harry Potter house colors
  3. Voldemort?
  4. Potions?
  5. Pick your house:
  6. Who would you want to survive in the deathly hollows?
  7. Ok... let's get this straight are you a potterhead
  8. School?
  9. Only few more left: Spell!
  10. Ok.......... it's dinner time what do you eat
  11. Last question: how was the quiz? It was my first one! It won't effect nothing be honest

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