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this is a quiz about harry potter just take your time and you will past with top mark but the winners are the people who have fun but try your best...

harry potter is a young boy who hasn't got parent because of lord Voldemort murder because he try to murder harry but his parent got in the way he went to Hogwarts when he was 11 but the Dursley try to stop him but they fail when Hagrid cam along and told harry that he a wizard then harry potter went to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts express and make friend with Ron Weasley then in Halloween they save Hermione granger from a troll then harry potter battle professor Quirrell then in the second year he save Ginny from the chamber of secretin the third year he save his godfather from over 100 dementors in his fourth year he was enter into the goblet of fire by barty crouch jr he saw cedric Diggory die lord Voldemort I not going to tell you anymore because that is an lot of information if you want any more watch the movie but I got to go now bye

Created by: liam shane lidbetter
  1. where was Harry potter born?
  2. who kill harry potter's parent?
  3. who has muggle born family?
  4. how many movies are there in harry potter series?
  5. what is the third movie of the series called
  6. which one of these characters are not in the harry potter's movies?
  7. who does Emma Watson play in harry potter
  8. how many books are there in the harry potter series
  9. which boy has a scar n his head
  10. who's parents had the Cruciatus Curse use on them
  11. who killed Bellatrix lestrange

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