Harry Potter or Draco Malfoy? (opinions included)

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Have you wonder if Draco or Harry like you? Well you can find out in this Role Playing quiz with opinions too! The answers are long due to adding opinions. If you are the first to rate and comment I will mention your name in my next quiz! Please nothing negative!

The characters are Not mine, except Ember and Dingo. If you are the first to comment and rate, I will mention your name in my next quiz! Please nothing negative! Words hurt.

Created by: Liberty Christianity

  1. Ember-“Hi guys I’m back again with Dingo! Today we are to see what Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy thinks of you! The answers are very long. Characters are not mine except Ember and Dingo. First question, which one are you. You can choose the other half of your Hybird house. Like how I’m Slytherclaw.
  2. Harry-“Can I ask first?” Ember-“Yes” Harry-“What is your patronus?” Ember-“I’m a dragon or raven. Tell me in the comments what your’s is.
  3. Draco-“Do you like me?” Ember-“wow just wow” Pansy-“I do!”
  4. Ginny-“which wand would you prefer?”
  5. Pansy-“Death eaters or Dumbledores army”
  6. Luna-“Who do you like more? Love is a strange thing something we’ll probably we will never understand.” Ember-“How did you get here Luna.” Luna-“Your door was wide open.” Ember-“oh, whoops.”
  7. Ron-“favorite quote?”
  8. Hermione-“favorite professor?” Ember-“I got to fix that lock.”
  9. Ember-“Dingo you’ve been quiet what’s up?” Dingo-“I’m writing a poem about you.” Ember-“Why did I even ask?” Draco-“Read it” Ember-Noooo! *grabs paper and throws it in the fire* Dingo-“Dude! That took me 3 hr. to do!” Ember-“whoops” anyway which Harry Potter book or movie was your favorite? (Does not effect results)
  10. Ember-“alright guys that is it for today! If you liked it lemme know. If you are the first person to rate and comment I will let you be in my next quiz! Also you can choose which Harry Potter people I can do next! But they must be same gender!”

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