Harry Potter movie cast quiz

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this is a 10 question quiz testing your knowledge of the Harry Potter cast. it's pretty hard (i used google to make it so i didnt actually know any of the answers)

read the questions carefully because they're not all just "who played ___", some ask about a specific movie and one is about the actor's nationality, not their name

Created by: Pigwidgeon

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  1. Who played Neville?
  2. Who played Percy Weasley?
  3. Who played Dumbledore in the first two movies?
  4. Who played Lavender Brown in "Half Blood Prince"?
  5. Who played Oliver Wood?
  6. Who played Fleur Delacour?
  7. Who played Cormac Mclaggen?
  8. Who played Dean Thomas?
  9. What were the first names of the actors who played Crabbe and Goyle?
  10. Where is the actress who played Aunt Petunia from?

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