Harry Potter House Quiz!!!

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Have you ever wondered what house you are in in Harry Potter? I bet you probably did and then took a quiz to figure it out. Then you didn't like what you got and are doing all the quizzes until you get what you want!

Remember There WILL Be Spoilers (But Not Very Many) So Don't Take This Quiz If You Haven't Read Or Watched Harry Potter! Well Hopefully, You Get What You Want And You Like This Quiz!

Created by: Gabe

  1. What is your favorite subject at Hogwarts?
  2. You visit a magical land. What do you look at first?
  3. Your Neighborhood Is Overrun By Death Eaters! What Do You Do?
  4. Pick Your Dream Job!
  5. There is a book sale at the local library, what do you do?
  6. Pick A Creature!
  7. If You Could Have Any Power What Would It Be?
  8. What Is Your Least Favorite House?
  9. Pick A Horcrux!
  10. What Is Your Favorite Obstacle To Get The Sorcerers (Philosophers) Stone?

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