Harry Potter House Quiz

This quiz is all about what Hogwarts house you are in, Gryffindoor,Hufflepuff,Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Hope you enjoy this quiz and you guys are great.

Do you like Harry Potter? Then you will love this quiz to see what Harry Potter House you are in. Are you in Gryffindoor? Hufflepuff? Ravenclaw? Slytherin? The Sorting Hat will tell you.

Created by: ConicalCat06802

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  1. Moon or Stars?
  2. If you could what potion would you make?
  3. Which of the following would you most hate people to call you?
  4. When you die,which would you like people to do when they hear your name?
  5. Which of the following would you like to be known to history?
  6. What kind of instrument most pleases your ear?
  7. Which would you rather be?
  8. Which of the following would you find most difficult to deal with?
  9. If you could have any power which would you choose?
  10. Black or White

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