Harry Potter Fan Quiz

There are many Harry Potter fans but just how many of them are True Harry Potter Fans? After you take this quiz you will find out how much of a Harry Potter fan you are.

This quiz has questions about the book series Harry Potter that you most likely will find extremely difficult. Do your best and see what kind of fan you are!

Created by: maresa

  1. Susan Bones' aunt works at
  2. What are Ginny and Harry's kids names?
  3. On Ron's first Apparition Test he
  4. What is a true Patronus Charm called?
  5. When James Potter went to hold off Voldemort what did he do?
  6. Why is Ron's owl named Pigwidgeon?
  7. What happened in the 4th book that made Hermione miss Care of Magical Creatures?
  8. Whose idea was it to start D.A. ?
  9. How do you feel about the quiz? (Doesn't effect outcome)
  10. Did you have to look up answers? (ask someone, google,etc) (Does effect outcome)

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