harry or draco?pt8!

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Created by: dragon

  1. yeah,i know.i said part 7 is the last part but i like this quiz and i don't like to finish it right now.let's start you're 4th year at hogwarts!
  2. "let me see.."says the sorting hat."HUFFLEPUFF!"(sorry but i shouldn't put you in gryffindor or slytherin!)you go and sit beside hufflepuffs.you look at:
  3. then a tall,dark brown hair boy come and sits beside you and says:hey,i'm cedrick digory.well come to hufflepuff!you say:hey cedrick.nice to meet you.i'm[you're name].i'm in 4th year.he says:oh,i'm in 7th year.you say:good!and it's the beginig of your friendship with cedrick.you go to hufflepuffs commenroom and look around.everything is yellow.you think:
  4. cedrick says:what do you think about here?you answer:
  5. you think:wait a sec...i should go to a class.but what class?you go to find .........and ask him what class should you go now?
  6. (if you want to find harry please answer this question,if you not click,DIDN'T HAPPEND!)you on you're way in the gryffindors commenroom and you see harry,hermione and ron,going to somewhere.you shout:harry!harry turns around and sees you."hey [you're name]!what are doing here?you say:i want to ask wich class i should go now?"potions"says ron sadley.you say:
  7. (if you want to ask draco,please answer this question,if you don't,click DIDN'T HAPPEND!)so your on the way to slytherins commenroom and you see draco and blasie going to somewhere."DRACO!"you say.draco turs around and sees you."[you're name]!"he says."what do you want?"you ask him what class you should go and draco says:pitions!!you answer:
  8. so you go to the potions class.you sit beside:
  9. after the class harry says:mm..[you're name]..do you want to go to hogsmid with me?you answer:
  10. after harry goes,draco comes and asks:hey..i want to ask you if you could come to hogsmid with me..you answer:
  11. this quiz is finished!hope you liked it!

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