Hairspray movie trivia(2007 version)

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Hairspray is a great movie!!!! Did you ever watch it? If you ever, watched it, this would be a really great quiz for you. Are you a future dancer? Would Corny Collons want you on his show?

This quiz is a bit challenging, but I'm sure you can do it!!! Maybe you want to watch the movie real quick! Lol good luck, I'm sure you'll do really great

Created by: Maddi
  1. Who played Tracy Turnblad?
  2. What is the name of one of Tracy's teachers?
  3. What color is Penny's dress during the song You Can't Stop the Beat?
  4. What is Seaweeds little sister's name?
  5. Finish the lyric; life's a 45 and
  6. Who is Velma?
  7. What is Tracy's father's name?
  8. When is the name of the popular hairspray company in the movie?
  9. When did the original Hairspray movie come out?
  10. What is Penny's last name?
  11. What is Tracy's dad's joke shop called?
  12. Who was played by a man?
  13. Which song didn't make it in the movie?
  14. At the very beginning of the movie, what month did the newspaper say it was?
  15. Who usually eats a lollipop?

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