Guys I'm back and have a WHOLE new personality!

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So, essentially, since I am back now after about a year, I want to see everything. How similar am I to you? What is everyone's interests? What's been happening in the wonderful world of GoToQuiz while I was away? Inform me in the comments, but for now, let's do a classic "How much alike are we?" quiz!

Starting off, to anyone new here, hello hello! I was here at some point and then disappeared off the face of everything. I am unsure who is all still here that I can look back and remember, but I'm not hopeful. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the quiz!

Created by: [DELETED]
  1. Do you unironically use the word "pog" or any forms of it?
  2. Favorite colors? (if you have multiple, just pick one)
  3. Are xenos valid?
  4. What's your favorite core/aesthetic?
  5. Favorite Sanrio character?
  6. Do you support age/pet regression (or dreaming)?
  7. Thoughts on therians/otherkin?
  8. Thoughts on LGBTQ+ community and microlabels
  9. Favorite games?
  10. How old are you in range?
  11. Favorite subject in school?
  12. Do you like DSMP?
  13. Are you going to leave a comment?
  14. Are you respectful towards other people and things existing?
  15. Final question because I like landing on a multiple of five, how're you today? :3 (Feel free to vent to me!)

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