Guess this character's anime with just their first name

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There are many anime watcher people but, very little true anime watcher people. I want to see you be a real anime watcher! Do you know what an anime watcher is? It's a person that watches lots of anime. I want to see many real anime watchers right now!

Are you an anime watcher? If you wanna know, try this quiz! If yes then, prove it by taking this might anime watcher quiz! You'll know in just a couple of minutes!

Created by: Anime Lover

  1. Which anime is Tina in?
  2. Which anime is Amu in?
  3. Which anime is Franky in?
  4. Which anime is Juvia in?
  5. Which anime is Hase in?
  6. Which anime is Honoka in?
  7. Which anime is Ai in?
  8. Which anime is Livius in?
  9. Which anime is Chitoge in?
  10. Which anime is Miki in?

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