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OK, here is a simple quiz for you to use your filthy human brain to answer some of these questions. So try hard and do your best :D Lets go

Please remember to rate and / or comment on what you got and what you thought of my quiz :D So go on and take it :D go on and have fun yay!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Wolfeyes77

  1. I am usually yellow, but sometimes I can be different colors. You can find me in a bath tub. I squeak and shoot water, what am I?
  2. You can put food on me. I am usally round and flat. I can be plastic, glass, or paper. What am I?
  3. I stand outside usually tall. Normaly I am long and brown, with green things sticking out all over. I provide us with Oxygen, what am I?
  4. I am yellow. I'm verry sour, and am used to make a drink that people love to sell in the summer, what am I?
  5. I float around in the sky. I am white on a nice day, but sometimes I'm grey, I carry water, what am I?
  6. You might be using me right now to do take this quiz. I have many cords plugged into me what am I?
  7. You can see a whole bunch of me covering the ground on a beach. I get stuck in between toes and in pants :D what am I?
  8. Sometimes on a really cold day, I can be flying around the sky and fall on the ground, causing mountains of me. I am usually white and no two of me are the same. What am I?
  9. I am found in a green container along with 2 or 3 others. I am small and green and can be sold in a can. Some people don't like me! What am I?
  10. You put me over your eyes. I can be used to see, or just look cool or compleatly weird wearing them. I come in so many shapes and colors, what am I?

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