guess the song from the lyrics given

there are many different genres of music this quiz is showing the more popular songs,what does it take to be a true music genius?someone who is able to know a song by the click of a finger...someone says a line of lyrics and you know it

are you a music genius?are you up to date enough to know what these songs are,maybe your not as good as you thought,you may claim to be good but until now that is only claiming,prove it!,take the test

Created by: abbielovesyou

  1. youve got the light to fight the shadows,stoo hiding it away,cone on come on
  2. you know ill find my corner and that tonight ill call ya after my blood turns into alchol,oh i just wanna hold ya
  3. your a shooting star i see,a vision of ecstacy,when you hold me im alive
  4. i feel your heart beat to the beat of the drum,oh what a shane tgat you came here with someone
  5. lets get christmasy!!: eat and drink come on be merry with me,step into christmas the admisdion's free
  6. i ised to think that we were for ever and i used to say never say never
  7. christmas again even though i pretend that ive moved on youll always be my baby,i never found the words to say your the 1 i think about each day
  8. tell me girl if everytime we touch do ya get this kinda rush baby say yeeeee yeeeee if you dont wanna take it slow and you just wanna....
  9. christmas: my my i thought you were someone to rely on,me i guess i was a shoulder to cry on
  10. who can make my life complete its all bout you when the music makes you move,baby do it like you doooo

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