Guess The Creepypasta Quote!

HEYY DUUUUUDDDDEEESSS! This is Chain Reaction and Yoko Gaming, (MASKY'S ILL) with a Creepypasta quote quiz! John aka Yoko: USA! USA! USA! CR: WTF?! Anyway, this is our AMAZINGLY AWESOMELY EPICLY AWESOME quiz! ENJOY, FELLOW PASTAS!

John: So like, this IS a Creepypasta quiz right? 'Cause YOU were never a Creepypas- CR: *angry look* John: Um... Oh, OF COURSE you were a Creepyasta! *nervous laugh*

Created by: CR and Masky
  1. Ok, REALLY easy one first. "Go to sleep..."
  2. "You've met a terrible fate, haven't you?"
  3. "Look up."
  4. "Oh, it's your granny's funeral? Well, it'll soon be yours..."
  5. "Two heads are better than one."
  6. He's a liar."
  7. "See you in HELL..."
  8. "You just messed with the WRONG crazy b---"
  9. "I'd KILL for some cheesecake..."
  10. "Hush, child..."

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