Greeks vs Romans

I'm sure most of you know what a demigod is by now, but if not, I'll explain. A demigod is a child of a God and a mortal, like Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Thalia and Jason Grace, even the great Hercules!!

However, there are two different types. I created this quiz to help you figure out which type that might be, whether you're Greek like Percy and Annabeth, or Roman like Jason.

Created by: Kaylee

  1. Do others tend to think you're a little "high matenance"?
  2. Is strong discipline a good thing?
  3. Purple or orange?
  4. Where would you rather eat, outside in a pavilion, or inside in a comfortable lounge full of gazillions of plush couches?
  5. Who is your hero, Percy Jackson or Jason Grace?
  6. Zeus or Jupiter?
  7. Hades or Pluto?
  8. Hera or Juno?
  9. Poseidon or Neptune?
  10. Sorry about those last four, but I needed to fill up some questions. It does count on your results though.

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