Greek God Parent Decider

Hi mi name Is Michael Thrower and i wanted to give you a way to find out who your greek god parent is but there's only 8 ones you can get Hermes, Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Athena, Hephaestus, dionysus, artemis

hi again i really hope you enjoy this its my 5 time so i got a bit better but check out my other ones, icecreamyumyum, what element is the best, greek god mythology test, and what will you be when you grow up

Created by: MichaelHenry Thrower
  1. if you had to fight what weapon would you pick
  2. which of these symbols is your favorite
  3. which of these gods and goddess are your favorite
  4. if you were failing a quiz what would you do
  5. what is your favorite color(s)
  6. do you like to hunt
  7. do you like being looked at
  8. do you like building things
  9. which of these animals do you like
  10. do you like this

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