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Mathematics is the most logical and practical stream of learning. Yet, it is feared and hated by many as their foundation in this subject is faulty. To get rid of the fear of maths, this fun and brain-improving quiz is made.

You know that some mathematical expressions are expressed in words. Here you will get a few mathematical problems involving a statement comprising at least two such expressions in words. Such problems are known as word problems. Can you solve these word problems? Take the quiz to find out.

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. The sum of two numbers is 75. If one of them is twice the other, find the other number
  2. When 12 is subtracted from six-times a number, the result becomes five times the number. Find the number.
  3. The difference between two-thirds of a number and half of that number is 13. Find the number.
  4. The sum of three-fifths of a number and two-thirds of the same number is 16 more than the number itself. Find the number.
  5. The ratio of two numbers is 4 : 9. When 6 is added to the smaller number, the sum becomes half of the sum of the greater number and 6. Find the number.
  6. Ten years ago, Julie's age was 5 years more than that of Lucy. Five years hence, the ratio of their ages will be 10:9. Find the present ages.
  7. The present age of John is twice that of Ken. 10 years hence, John's age will be 18 years more than the age age of Ken. Find their present ages.
  8. The numerator of a fraction is 5 less than its denominator. If twice the numerator is 1 more than the denominator, find the fraction.
  9. 0.001/100=?
  10. 2 divided by 1/2 = ?

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