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Take this quiz if you are a Gleek! I have 21 questions for you so just go ahead! If you don't get it right the first time, don't give up, keep trying!

Have Fun! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on my next quiz! Glad you liked my quiz! I will deffinately make more in the future if you want!

Created by: Izzy

  1. Who was the first person Kurt told he was gay?
  2. In what episode did Santana come out to her grandmother?
  3. Why did Will leave Terri? (his wife)
  4. Wh gets pregnant in Season one?
  5. Who is Quinn's boyfriend (season one)
  6. Who is the father of Quinn's baby?
  7. What episode does Santana confess her love for Brittany? (season two)
  8. Who plays Santana Lopez
  9. What is the name of Quinn's baby?
  10. How many seasons of glee is there?
  11. What was the glee club's name?
  12. Who played Brittany S. Pierce?
  13. Who had a mowak in season 1?
  14. What episode does Santana and Brittany have their first kiss? (season one)
  15. What song do Mercedes and Santana sing as a fight for Noah?
  16. What episode and season do Brittany and Santana break up?
  17. What is Brittany and Santana's ship name? (other than Santtany)
  18. Who is Will's wife at the end of the show
  19. What season do the glee kids graduate?
  20. What SOLO does Santana sing at the end of the episode I Kissed a Girl?
  21. What group number does the glee girls sing in the episode I Kissed a Girl

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