How much of a gleek are you?

There are so many fans of the show "Glee". Glee is the awesome comdey,musical,drama ever made that comes on fox 29! A gleek is...haha as if I was gonna tell you the answer you gotta know that yourself.

Are you a Gleek???? Do you know your facts abut Glee???? (wow I sound like one of the cheesy ads) well anyway this here is a quiz to see how much of a gleeker you are. Well enjoy and whatnot. ^_^

Created by: sweetbunny480

  1. What is a gleek?
  2. Dose puke have a sibling or is he the only child?
  3. Did Sue have a child
  4. Who song "I can't stop this feeling" on the first episode?
  5. About brittany... Will:Who can tell me who Christopher coss is? episode 2 season 2 what did brittany say?
  6. Are reachle and finn still together? On the new season?
  7. Why did Mercedes break the window after asking out kurt?
  8. How many time's did Glee do a episode on brittany spears songs?
  9. Who really got quinn prego?
  10. Who can't sang on glee that's in the Glee club?
  11. What time dose Glee come on?
  12. (last question) What day dose Glee come on?

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Quiz topic: How much of a gleek am I?