Girls, Are You Beautiful?

Am I beautiful? For centuries, girls and women ask themselves the same question at least many times in their lives. But what is beauty to you? Skinny jeans or sports uniform?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder . You are perfect and pretty in your own way. Remember that. I have never met you but know your scabby knees and incontrolably hair make you beautiful.

Created by: shadowlove

  1. Natural Hair Color:
  2. Are you tall for your age?
  3. How long do you take in the bathroom each morning before school styling hair and putting on make up?
  4. Your hair is naturally...
  5. What body shape do you have?
  6. Do older guys stare at you?
  7. What video games do you play?
  8. Whats your favorite sport to play in the neighborhood?
  9. Favorite organized sport?
  10. What place are you in the popularity order?
  11. What is your stereotype?
  12. Are you made fun of?
  13. And finally, how beautiful do you think YOU are?

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Quiz topic: Girls, am I Beautiful?