Genesis Chapters 11-25

Be a genius! Take this quiz and train your brain to be a true expert on Genesis 11-25. Simply applying yourself the slightest bit will change your increase your wit beyond measures.

Don't wish to be a genius, be one! You only get what you get if you work for it. Nothing is handed to you in life. So why not push yourself now and make the future easier?

Created by: Kelsey
  1. Two years after the flood, Shem was how old?
  2. Where was Abram's home?
  3. Which of Abram's relatives were captured?
  4. Why did Abram and Lot separate?
  5. What was the Lord's covenant with Abram?
  6. Who gave Abram his first son?
  7. What does Abraham mean?
  8. What did the messengers say would happen to Sodom?
  9. Who became a pillar of salt?
  10. Abraham offered God a number. The number represented how many righteous people were in Sodom. For if God found this number of people he would not destroy Sodom. What was his final number offer?
  11. What did Isaac's name mean?
  12. Who/What did God tell Abraham to sacrifice?
  13. Who did Abraham bury in Kiriath Arba?
  14. Who did Isaac marry?
  15. Where was Abraham buried?
  16. How old was Abraham when he died?
  17. What did Sarah do when she heard the news that she was going to have a son?
  18. Who did Hagar sleep with?
  19. Who did Abram descend from?
  20. Where did Lot choose to live?

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