Gangster Disciple Lit Test

This is to test those out there claiming GD because there's a lot of fake people out there claiming something they don't understand. This is to separate the real from the unreal.

If you know what your claiming than this shouldn't be a problem, it is here to help you brush up on what you know. If you didn't know than you need to get your mind right and learn it homie.

Created by: D-Rock
  1. What is the ninth law?
  2. What year did King David die?
  3. What do the pitch forks stand for?
  4. What does fool stand for?
  5. Who are the three kings?
  6. What era was the Black Gangster Disciples formed?
  7. Why did David And Hoover unite?
  8. What are the six points?
  9. How many years was hooVER sentenced to?
  10. What is the "S" in Disciple stand for?

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