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Galaxies are a giant grouping of sars and are very interesting , they can I enjoyed doing my project on galaxies, and I hope yoiu anjoted watching my presentation and thought it was interesting.

Galaxies are so interesting! Also I hope you do good and were paying attention during my presentaion because you cant go up and look at it agsin . : )it's a pretty tough test .

Created by: Kasey of Galaxies
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  1. What are the three types/shapes of glaxies ?
  2. What does a galaxy made up of ?
  3. Can a galaxy have a black hole ?
  4. What does a galaxie contain ?
  5. What is a galaxie ?
  6. When a galaxy collides with another what happens ?
  7. What happens if there is to much dust and gas ?
  8. True or False : Galaxies were discovered by a man named Edwin Hubble ?
  9. True or False : Our galaxy is the Adromeda galaxy ?
  10. True or False : A galaxy has gravity and you can walk on it ?

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