FROZEN! The Character Quiz!!!

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Hi! As you hopefully know, this quiz will ( probably) help you to figure out what frozen character you would be. Please don't be angry if you didn't get what you wanted!

The answer you will get will just be based on the answers to the questions you will answer. These were based off of my knowledge and opinions, so it might be as accurate as I would hope.

Created by: Queen Elsa
  1. Who do you think you are most like. Answer honestly!
  2. Who is your FAVORITE character?
  3. If you could have any power, what would it be?
  4. What kind of friends do you have?
  5. What is your favorite food?
  6. What is your favorite song in frozen?
  7. Have you ever seen the movie? How many times?
  8. What sounds like something you would say?
  9. How would you describe yourself?
  10. If your friend ran away, what would you do?

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