Friend, No, or Foe?

Friends are very special to us all. If you have true friends you're very fortunate. You can spend alot of time with someone and still not really know that much about them. Maybe we should pay more attention to those we spend our time with. Or maybe we should choose more wisely who we call a friend.

Are you my friend? Think you are? Do you know? We'll all know if you take this quick quiz!I'm a pretty straight forward gal, but I am unpredictable as well. Do you really know me?

Created by: Lezli
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is my full name?
  2. What is my true age?
  3. How long have I lived in Georgia?
  4. What is my favorite color?
  5. How much did I weigh when I was born?
  6. What was the name of my baby dog?
  7. In what month did I get divorced?
  8. If I'm mad, how would you know?
  9. If I was unable, would you take care of my kids?
  10. Do you think I am crazy?
  11. What is my lucky number?
  12. If I could go anywhere on a honeymoon, where would it be?
  13. What is my nickname?
  14. How many pairs of shoes do I own?
  15. What size do I wear?
  16. What scares me most?
  17. What would you do if I told you" I don't feel good alot!"
  18. How long have you known me?
  19. How many tats do I have?
  20. Where I am I from ?
  21. What is the brand name of my cigs?
  22. How many piercings do I have total(including ears)?
  23. Where's my fav. place to eat out?

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