Your favorite character from a video game

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Thread Topic: Your favorite character from a video game

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    Alejandro98 Novice
    Salem and Rios
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    OZZYIOMMI Senior
    Neo - Path of Neo
    Tanner - Driv3r
    Miller - CODWW
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    beastial Novice
    Bill Rizer - Contra
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    Viktor Junior
    Arthas-warcraft 3
    Jill-Resident evil
  • janetgurl Novice
    hmmm id be catwoman from batman game....meow
    and princess rosilina from wii mario race....yoshi,taod and wario!
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    Hunteriscool Experienced
    Jimmy Hopkins - Bully
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    NitroTails12 Novice
    Master chief-Halo
  • latinosoul777 Newbie
    Kratos(gow) and ezio(assassin's creed)
  • Justice5387 Newbie
    Lara Croft and the Doppelganger from Tomb Raider or Zoey from Left 4 Dead
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    Sage Parson Novice
    The Chaotix. From Sonic Heroes.

    And Lara Croft, from Tomb Raider! :)
  • Rokushi Newbie
    Kingdom Hearts: Demyx, Xion and Axel!!!
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    NitroTails12 Novice
    Silver the hedgehog- Sonic 06
    Tediz, Conker, Private Rodent, Squirrels- Conkers Bad Fur Day.
  • sads700 Novice
    Leon Kennedy
    Solid Snake
    Luis Sera
    Cole Train
    Ada Wong
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    Hephaestuschild Hot Shot
    Malon from Ocarina of Time. Epona too.x3

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