LOL or any other moba players out there

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Thread Topic: LOL or any other moba players out there

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    Jeeshan Hot Shot
    Have you ever experienced ping hikes sometimes? You're playing and there is a gank going on but suddenly you start lagging and your ping goes red from green.
    What do you do then? I change my network settings to Speed mode but it doesn't drop the ping much. I have more than enough ram for the game to function and the graphics are set to medium as well. Unnecessary graphics like character mode, etc are disabled but still, sometimes I lag super hard. Any help?
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    breadboy69 Experienced
    If it's an issue with ping, changing any of the in game settings likely won't help, and the quality of your computer won't make a difference

    It's an issue with your WiFi connection, which can be harder to fix. The easiest solution would be to use a wired connection if possible. Otherwise you may want to try to move closer to the router. Or you're just unlucky and going to be stuck with a bad ping

    This is something that can happen with any online game, not just MOBAS
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    Jeeshan Hot Shot
    Mhm thanks.
    I am pretty sure the WiFi network is stable with minimum speed of 12mbps (which is huge in my place). It's more of a server problem thing. There's the SEA server but it doesn't support India much. :3
    Probably I'm unlucky.

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