Sylvia's Game Rant Thread.

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Thread Topic: Sylvia's Game Rant Thread.

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    absol heart Senior
    Welcome to my Game Rant Thread.
    This is where I rant about games or things in games.
    This thread does not specifically tie to any one individual game.
    It applies to any game I feel like ranting about.
    Get it?
    Got it?
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    absol heart Senior
    Rant 1
    Game: Destiny
    Topic: Passage coins


    Hey, you know those things that you find throughout destiny while playing that you can use to buy exotics, right? Yeah, thats right! Strange coins! How many do you have? Wow, a whopping 25! Thats enough to buy any exotic for xur! Where did you get all of those from? Huh? Crucible? Hold on... What do your 'strange coins' look like?
    Oh, you poor little guardian...

    Passage coins.
    One of the many banes of my existence.
    You know what these little cock tease medallions are used for? Oh, you get to buy cool legendary stuff from the disciple of Osiris! That sounds awesome! Huh...? Why can't I buy any of the cool stuff from him? All I can get are these 'Boons' or whatever...
    Passage coins are DLC related content.
    And I don't have the required DLC.

    f--- you Passage coins.
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    absol heart Senior
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    absol heart Senior
    Rant 2
    Game: Pokemon
    Subject: Switching


    Reader, are you a man? Do you face your problems head on and never back down until you can literally no longer fight? Do you take what comes your way and deliver back with two times the force? Do you look at what seems impossible with an iron stare and say "f--- you."? WELL THE POKEMON COMMUNITY DOESN'T!

    I f---ing swear, I HATE IT when people switch in pokemon, and especially in competitive. Because in competitive, some s--- is hard to kill yo! And when your so close to defeating that pokemon, THEY SAY "NOPE HAHA f--- YOU" AND SWITCH IT OUT! IT PISSES ME OFF!

    Now, I understand some move that require switching exist. And i'm fine with that. But when someone switches because their precious little pokemon is about to die, IT'S ABSOLUTE f---ING BULLs---! I take my defeats like a man! And hell, it throws some people off and allows me to win! There has been tons of times where I wouldnt switch even though id probably die if I didn't, and I made a good decision! I'd get wins because I didn't switch!

    And now you may be thinking "Oh but Sylvia what if I want to get a different pokemon for attacking?" Well then tough luck psyduck! You chose that pokemon and now you have to live with your decision until it faints!

    Bottom line, don't switch in online battles, and especially in competitive.

    Thank you.
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    absol heart Senior
    Rant 3
    Game: Super Smash Bros 4
    Subject: Sheilds


    f--- shields.
    Without them i'd be f---ing awesome in smash brothers.
    That is all.
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    Poppy girl Junior

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