Suicide is the best solution for all problems?

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Thread Topic: Suicide is the best solution for all problems?

  • Romanaiq Newbie
    People with strong feeling of agony and depression might be needing help , so find it out, if know some one , help them, or at least, guide them to get proper help.
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    Gracious Junior
    They want to die because they THINK that they don't have any other way to solve the problem they have or get out of the situation they are suffering from. But believe me... there are many ways, we need to find them!
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    I have deppresion and i don't need help but many people do... Like that girl who jumped off a bridge the other day...
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    They could just wait till adulthood and then they can think about suicide but there are 9 year old kids who kill themselfs
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    And if you commit suicide you will go to hell if you are a christian
  • a_nice_user Newbie
    Suicide is a bad thing, but we can't excactly prevent people from commiting it. Some people feel that they are at a dead end, and that their life has gotten so bad that they wish it could just be over. They sometimes don't get help because they refuse help.
  • painttheworld Newbie
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    The Geek Expert
    ^commit suicide
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    WolfLove Senior
    I don't like that there were and still are people that say depression cannot affect children. Also, that for them to have thoughts of suicide is only because they have yet to grasp the fact that death is permanent. Even if a kid lives the happiest life, there could be something in their heads screwing with them. Yeah, a mental illness. Not everyone who wants to commit suicide has a mental illness, though.

    I say this because you said "Suicide is the best solution to all problems?" Some people may not even have a problem that they're facing. A lot of kids with the disorders have a relatively normal life with a good home, but there's a history of the disorder in the family. They may just want to die. Many times, as well, it's a specific problem.

    If you're religious, they can prevent it by telling you you'll go to Hell if you do it. (which I'm not getting into because a load of bulls---, in my opinion, just mine, doesn't belong here except for this) That's the only type of "prevention" I have heard of besides the Hotlines and Live Chats and friends talking them out of doing so.
  • Boogerdam98 Novice
    But what if they WANT to go to hell?
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    O1Awesomeness Novice
    Yeah, so ironic because I'm 10 years old and godofminecraft wants me to commit suicide, calling me a faggot and everything.
  • I tried... I have nothing to live for
  • Ok so i have a really good friend and i need help cause they cut a lot and has held a knife up to there troat and said they would but i now they would and its only a matter of time can you please help me PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU
  • And yes im tryin to commit suicide and i wont do it unless the person does or my best friend dies i will but life nothing to live for and also so much drama
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    Whiplash Junior
    If your wife is cheating on you, don't kill yourself. Wouldn't killing them be more practical
    P.S. do you wanna hear suicide jokes

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