Does anyone here swim?

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Thread Topic: Does anyone here swim?

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    I mean like.professional swimming. I've never done it, but I have some friends who do and I was just wondering who on here is familiar with it.
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    Renee_ Novice
    I do! Every saturday I have to go and do my regular stuff the usaul backstroke, butterfly stroke, freestyle, and breaststroke. If you are planning to swim I recomend you to eat peppermints before swiming. They help swimmers concentrate.
  • Ray_ Newbie
    Sorry this is rene agai. Forgot t answer the rest of your question. I swim for 3 hours every sunday and Saturday. IF you are talking about years then in that case i have bee swiming for two years.

  • I can tread water for over 3 hours. Also, I can swim back and forth non stop for like 5 hours.
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    Selena112 Hot Shot
    I've wanted to make this for a while.

    I'm planning on joining my high school swim team next year. My favorite stroke is butterfly, by the way.
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    Chloe12 Novice
    Yeah I can swim backstroke about 30 laps

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