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    The Clan we will be roleplaying in will be a made up clan, called Forest Clan.

    Here are the rules:

    First, feel free to write out a bio. If you want to, please make it like this:

    Name: Scarscratch
    Gender: Tom
    Role: Warrior
    Apprentice: Amberpaw
    Mate: none
    Kits: none
    Description/Personality: A dusty brown tabby tom with green eyes and a scar running down his face. He is a fierce and broody cat, but he is nonetheless loyal to his clan.
    Backstory: WHO KNOWS??

    (Note: Do not give your cat any super powers or unrealistic abilities, like the ability to read minds, or super senses, etc. You also cannot make yourself a leader, deputy, medicine cat, or medicine cat apprentice without notifying the leader.)

    Secondly, respect the warrior code and the other roleplayers!

    Third, no inappropriate or graphic descriptions please.

    Fourth, if you are in an important position and you are not very active, someone else will take your place.

    I will roleplay as both the leader and a warrior, because we are a very new clan and we need a leader (and deputy)! Until I can find a suitable leader, I will act as the leader.

    Have fun! I'll give a backstory on the clan and the leader if you're interested.
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    Name: Shiningstar
    Gender: She-cat
    Role: Leader
    Apprentice: none (Bubblepaw, deceased)
    Mate: none (Brittlebream, deceased)
    Kits: Softkit, a fluffy white tabby she-kit with blue eyes and Swankit, a sleek white she-kit with green eyes and an abnormally long tail
    Description/Personality: A sleek white she-cat with blue eyes, protective, wise, clever, motherly
    Backstory: Escaped from a crooked clan named Scar Clan, where her mate, apprentice, and oldest kit, Stonekit, were all killed. She has run away and settled down, receiving a message from Star Clan to create a clan called "Forest Clan". She has been joined by a rogue with the name of Deathstroke, which has since been changed to Nightstrike.
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    Nightfa11 Novice
    I was trying to find this thread! Anyways,

    Name: Moonrise
    Apprentice: None, I am new warrior!
    Mate: Again, new warrior
    Kits: How many times do I have to say?
    Backstory: Was apprentice from another clan, and a very good one too. Another apprentice named Dustypaw was very jealous and right after Moonrise became a warrior, Dustypaw killed the leader and blamed it on Moonrise. Moonrise was exiled and joined this clan.
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    Nightfa11 Novice
    Oh, I forgot description\personality:

    Description\personality: Very kind, amazing hunter, gray with darker spots and a big white spot on her face.
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    Nightfa11 Novice
    his face, sorry
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    God, I'm late. Maybe we should wait for a few more people before we start the roleplay? What do you think?
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    (Maybe our characters could be friendly in the future, although Nightstrike takes time to trust)

    Time to start! Others may join.

    Nightstrike padded around the small makeshift camp. Beginning a clan was hard. As temporary deputy of Forest Clan and basically the only hunter, she had to provide for Shiningstar AND her nosy kits.

    She sighed. It's not like she could change anything by complaining. Suddenly, a gray tom with dark spots and a white spot on his face appeared. She bristled, growling.

    "Who are you?"
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    Nightfa11 Novice
    Moonrise was walking, trying to find a home after Dustypaw exiled him. Then he ran into a cat. "My name is Moonrise, and PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" he was scared and skulked behind a bush
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    Nightstrike twitched, her ears back. The tom was terrified. She sat down, her ears up. He seemed similar to someone she had known. Someone who had not lasted very long. This tom would die on his own.

    "Moonrise, is it? I'm Nightstrike. I would like to take you to my leader," she said, flicking her black tail in a beckoning motion.
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    Nightfa11 Novice
    Moonrise was filled with relief. "You have a leader!" He might be able to find a clan who would take him in! He makes a exited yelp and shakes like crazy. He then realizes this is awkward and stops.
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    (You're here!)
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    Nightstrike gazed at him skeptically, but couldn't help smiling a little.

    "Yeah. Just follow me," she replied, turning towards the small camp.
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    Nightfa11 Novice
    Moonrise was bouncing all the way there until came to a (whatever the camp looks like)
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    Shiningstar lifted her head wearily from her two kits. When she spotted the tom, she leapt to her paws and snarled. The two kits scampered behind her.

    "It's alright, Shiningstar," Nightstrike said. "I brought him here. His name is Moonrise. Or so he said."

    Shiningstar nodded but remained tense. "So, would you like to join our clan, Moonrise?"
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    Jayfeather310 Senior
    lol bet you thought i would join )

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