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    5 different aliens from 5 different planets are teleported from their home planets to a remote planet. They were all chosen to forcibly participate in a galactic game show with 10 other species in teams of 5. If any of them lose, their planets will be destroyed. But instead of competing the main team must work together to end this horrid game show.


    Ask to join and wait for a response (This means you, Runnerfiend.)

    You can be an alien you completely made up or one that exists on T.V. video games or other media, but they have to be sentient, meaning have the ability to feel emotion and reason

    No OP characters

    Character Sheet:

    Other: (Optional)
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    DJ Cecilia Novice
  • May I join?

    Also, the clear shade thrown at runner is big yes
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    Both of you can join.
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    DJ Cecilia Novice
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    Name: Razor
    Age: 25 (on his planet)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Triceraton
    Powers: Other than raw strength, he doesn't really have any, relying mostly on heavy melee weapons
    Personality: Loyal, honorable, brash, a little arrogant, headstrong
    Likes: Fighting, relaxing, food
    Dislikes: Cheaters, dishonorable fighters
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    You guys gonna make your characters or not?
  • oh sorry hold on
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    DJ Cecilia Novice
    Name: Julia
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Tritoid
    Appearence: She's is a Robot Humaniod with pink and blue hair
    Powers: Blades
    Personality: Clever, Sly, a trickster
    Likes: Milkshakes, Parties (your typical teenager)
    Dislikes: Fighting (Even she has to do it)

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