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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    C1 is a vampire and a doctor in a small city. They are a former soldier turned a few centuries ago, who gave up on violence and the benefits of embracing vampire life, to live as human as possible.
    C2 is his former partner, possible lover, and fellow vampire, however where C1 turned his back on vampire life, c2 embraced it. However C2 has one soft spot, and hat is younger sisters.
    After losing his sister, who he became a soldier to provide for, C2 made a vow to not take anyone’s little sister from them.
    C3 is he younger sister of the now deceased partner of C2. A tiny slip of a girl, and one of the only witches left in America, c3 begs and begs to be allowed to go to a party in c1’s city.

    An accident renders her in need of a doctor, and luckily she’s found by C1 who gets in contact with her guardian....but with C3 too weak to be moved form the city...c2 and c1 are forced to reconcile...but something sinister looms over them.

    I’d prefer to be C3.

    I will also be making C2’s sister, since she is important later, and in the comparison to c3.

    Ask to join.

    Pets: ( optional )
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    Something I forgot to mention here, c2 is a ceo, and the general idea is that he is wealthy.)
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Name: Ellie ( c2’s surname.)
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Sexuality: undecided
    Species: human ( witch)

    Personality: Ellie is typically outgoing, and very social. However after she’s attacked during the party, she reverts to the scared little girl she was after her brother die don’t five years ago, she’s meek, and unsure of herself. THough as she grows more confident her creative spark returns to her, as does her will to improve.
    Abilities: Magic: ( novice) elemental ( wind), ( novice) wards and spell casting ( mainly.)
    Likes: pastel colours, magic, sweets, home cooking, and spending time with her gaurdian.
    Dislikes: her weakness and fragile human nature.
    Bio: living with her oldest brother after her step mother did something, she can’t recall what though, when he was kidnapped by witch hunters, she managed to get to safety, where she was later recovered by C2. She’s lived with him ever since.
    Pets: ( optional ) Her familiar is a demon, though she isn’t aware of this, he can change form, which she does know. His most common form, is spot the hellhound,
    Other: smol
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Hi can i haz doctor
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Name: Ember Falrid
    Age; SO OLD
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: gay
    Species: vampire
    Looks: click
    Clothing: white dress shirt and black pants with a dark red vest and tie
    Personality: Ember is a little shy but enjoys helping people. He is very friendly, but dan hold a grudge for a very long time
    Abilities: he is a pyromancer
    Likes: his cat, music, helping people, fire
    Dislikes: fighting, death, being mute, being treated like trash
    Bio: he was forced into fightijg by his parents at a young age, quickly growing to hate killing, leaving the army as quickly as he could to become a doctor
    Pets: a fat white cat named chubs
    Other: hes completely mute, but knows sign language
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    Puppet master12 Hot Shot
    Now we just need c2
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    Please join :-

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