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    Ingrid gets up to turn off the lights, then Ava grabs her hand suddenly and quickly.
    Ingrid is alarmed. "What's wrong?" She asks, her fingers a few inches away from the switch. Ava blushes and looks down, almost shamefully. "Can we keep the light on?" She squeaks out quietly uncharacteristically.

    Ingrid remembers how after Andy saved her, they came back to find Ava crying and shaking. She at first assumed that it was because of Andy leaving her, but Ingrid realized it must've been because she was left in the dark, alone.

    The first thing that came to Ingrid's mind was to tease Ava a little, but she couldn't seem to bring herself to do it. Ava suddenly reminded Ingrid of Ivy, like this fear emerged after some traumatizing times.

    Ingrid shook her head no. "We have to save energy," she explained sadly. "I have a flashlight.." Ingrid offers.
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    Ava makes a look like that wouldn't do at all, but she says "Haha, right.. Yeah, no that's uh.. that's fine."

    Ingrid gets up to get the emergency bag she had brought to the bunker earlier that day. As she passes the beds, she realizes that Andy and Ezekiel have already fallen asleep. Looking at them made her realize just how tired she was, too. It was a long day.

    As Ingrid hands the flashlight to Ava, she realizes that, upon closer inspection, she was pretty sure that Ezekiel was just pretending to sleep. Probably just needed to gather his thoughts, which Ingrid totally understood.
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    Ingrid instructed Ava on how she needed to just stay in the hallway, and make sure no one enters, zombie or human. Ingrid felt uncomfortable leaving her all alone, in the dark that she obviously feared.

    It couldn't be helped. Ingrid crawls into bed and closes her eyes.

    Ava, however, tried to play it cool. She holds the flashlight as if it was the only thing standing between her and death. She starts to tremble. The flashlight was making weird shadows! What was that around the corner? Why did that shadow keep moving? Was that scratching sound someone trying to enter? She kept on swinging around the flashlight at everything, even if it was all in her head.
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    Ingrid lasted a few minutes before she gave up on trying to sleep. It was around 5am anyway, hints of the the sun would be peeking into the world at this point. It's not like this was her first all nighter, anyways. She walks back out to Ava, to find that Ava was trembling, but she tried to act calm when Ingrid entered.

    "What? The bed to rough for your comfort, your majesty?" Ava asks with a frown. Ingrid doesn't reply, instead she walks and sits next to Ava. Ava doesn't argue, but she does turn away to hide her expression. Ingrid find this a lot more comfortable than tossing and turning in a bed, and she soundly falls asleep on Ava's shoulder.

    Ava accidentaly falls sleep, too. They stay like that for the majority of the morning.
    The first day of the end of the world had finally come to a close, and the days ahead would definitely not be any easier. Atleast they were here, together, in each other's arm, someone to comfort them, even if it was temporary.

    If they could pause this moment, all would be well. No one could fear, or feel loss, or empty, or betrayed, in the hard days ahead. The group had their faults, sure, but they could finally be somewhere close to happy if they could pause this moment.

    Ava and Ingrid were only awoken by the thumping of someone entering the bunker.
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    (My gay ass will abandon this for like a month and then come back to it like a bad relationship, tsk)

    Ava awakes with a jolt at the thump and instinctively throws the flashlight at the person at the entrance. With Ava jolting awake, Ingrid falls off of her and onto the floor, blinking open her eyes in confusion.

    "Ouch!" The person, who turned out to be only Ezekiel, says. He rubs his head, which was now swelling at the place the flashlight hit him. But not a second later, the swelling goes down due to his innate self healing.

    "What the heck were you doing out there?!" Ava yells at him accusingly. "What the heck were you doing asleep?" He counters defensively.
    Ingrid yawns. "Bicker bicker bicker," she mutters, glaring at them both for awaking her. It was well past midday by now.

    Ava ignores both Ezekiel's and Ingrid's comments, she's looking at Ezekiel for an explanation.

    Ezekiel blushes. "Angels don't really need to sleep, but we can if we want.." he admits. "Go on," Ava says, motioning for him to continue. "Sometimes I, and don't laugh, okay? Sometimes I sleep-teleport," Ezekiel admits, hands covering his face in embarrassment.

    Ingrid and Ava both look at each other before bursting out in laughter.
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    (I joined a whole other zombie roleplay, even when I already got one right here, lol)

    "I said don't laugh!" Ezekiel says. He turns and walks angrily back to the bunker, straight into the arms of Andy. Ezekiel is surprised, but doesn't try to get away.

    "You guys are finally up!" Andy says with Ezekiel in his arms. He somehow has an apron and a headscarf on, Andy looks like a housewife.

    Ava whistles. "Your loverboy was up for a while, you didn't notice?" Ava asks Andy.
    Andy reposition his hands so that they cover Ezekiel's ears and says to Ava,
    "Don't be so mean to him, A! I woke up and he was gone, I just about half lost my mind. I trust him though, Z can take care of himself," Andy says.

    Ingrid stands and stretches. "If you're calling us by letters now, wouldn't me and Ivy be the same? Gonna be confusing," Ingrid says as she tiredly rubs the crust from her eyes.

    "'Course not! You're N, she's V," Andy says. Ezekiel muttere into Andy's chest, "What are you guys saying? Are you talking about me because of the teleport thing?" He asks with wide and innocent eyes. Andy's heart melts and he uncovers Ezekiel's ears.
    "You know I'd never!" Andy says. He places a kiss on Ezekiel's forehead.

    "Anekiel! Ezendy!" Ava cheers. Ezekiel has a mixed expression, he was grinning wildly because of the kiss, but he also looked confused at Avs's comment.
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    Ivy runs into the hall, where all the big kids are. "Ingriiiidd!" She whines as she latches onto Ingrid in a tight hug around her legs and torso. Ingrid looks at her in alarm. "What wrong, kiddo?" Ingrid asks. Ivy then puts her hands on her hip in a sassy pose. "What's wrong is that the food is getting cold!" She says.

    "Food?" Ava asks, perking up. Andy laughs. "Yes, I magicked around and made breakfast," Andy says, finally letting go of Ezekiel so that he could do jazz hands.

    Ingrid shakes her head in dismay. She is about to get onto him about how they had to ration, but she stops herself. The atmosphere.. she had never felt such vibrancy before. Ingrid's parents were always away at work, and she had to mature quickly in order to take care of Ivy. Ingrid never had a teenage life, never had a steady friend.. but suddenly, she had three. Ingrid smiles at Ivy. "Let's eat then, you little rascal!"

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