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    Ezekiel finished his little ritual. Ivy looked up at him curiously, "what did you do?" She asked. "Just an angel thing," Ezekiel said, shrugging, "Now I have to protect you, no matter what."
    "Promise?" Ivy asked, poking him on the arm.
    "Promise." Ezekiel agreed, laughing.
    They sat in silence for a few seconds, but it felt like hours. "What are we gonna do now?" Ivy asked with a sigh. Ezekiel glanced back at the murk, subsided now. "We'll wait until the murk clears, then go back to the bunker. We don't know which way Ingrid went, so we'll have to wait on her to come back." Ezekiel said.
    "..But what if she doesn't come back?" Ivy voiced both of their thoughts, thoughts that wouldn't have been voiced if not said by a firghtened child. Ezekiel didn't have an answer, so he just took hold of Ivy's hand and tugged for her to start walking.
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    "Working for the government kind of gets you and your family leverate during a national crisis," Ingrid replied to Ava. "Also, don't call me Carrot Top," she added. Ava whistled impressedly. "Alrighty then, Carrot Top, what's the plan? The place where we met you is bound to have some deadless in the path to get there" Ava said, ignoring Ingrid's wishes. Andy, who was quite quiet and pale, leaned on Ava, and Ava picked him up bridal style. "Uhh.." Ingrid gazed at them questioningly. "Andy's a weak person, it probably has to do with his magic. He's actually been powering his wand to light this cave this whole time that we were here, yknow," Ava explained quickly. "Gotta make sure you don't get afraid of the dark," Andy muttered to Ava. Ava stuck a tongue out at him. "We should leave now, then," Ingrid said, "We'll have to fight our way through. Since you're carrying Andy, I'll be our defense," Ingrid unsheathed the swords and posed in a fighting stance. They all agreed and made sure to do one last sweep of the cave before starting their trek.. Or atleast Ava and Ingrid started their trek. Andy was passed out on Ava as soon as they left the cave and they no longer needed him to light his wand.
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    As they walked, Ivy skipped along and hummed a little tune. Despite all of the craziness, Ezekiel couldn't help but smile at the little one's antics. He would've teleported them, but he felt drained from teleporting them out of the murk. If Ezekiel teleported them both back to the bunker, he'd feel like he carried Ivy and walked all the way there like that. He needed to stay conscience in order to protect them. It'd be better to just walk the distance both separately. Ezekiel made sure to keep careful eye on Ivy, his rash decision of binding to her made sure of that. If Ivy got hurt, Ezekiel would feel it.
    Ivy stopped skipping suddenly and pointed in front of them. "What's that?" She asked Ezekiel. He followed her pointing finger until he saw what looked like two perople hovered over a third person, eating the person's guts. Blood was everywhere, all over them. "Oh shi-" Alarm swept through Ezekiel, and he pulled Ivy away so that they were behind a tree. The angel covered her mouth and shushed her as the deadless paused their meal when they heard a rustle. Luckily, Ezekiel and Ivy stayed quiet enough to not be noticed, and they continued their feast.
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    "What kind of stuff are you into?" Ingrid asked Ava. They'd been walking for a good few minutes, and the awkward silence was beginning to be too much to bare.
    "Pretty girls," Ava responded with a wink.
    "Wha-uh- wh-" Ingrid became flustered immediately. "How old are you?!"
    "14," Ava said with a smirk.
    "Woah, I thought you were older, actually. Not that you look older, just the way you act, the way you fight.." Ingrid said.
    "I have that affect on people," Ava shrugged.
    After another round of silence for a few minutes, Ingrid once again broke it.
    "Well, aren't you gonna ask my age?" Ingrid asked.
    Ava fake-yawned, "Eh. Old enough. You want a smooch or something, Carrot Top?" Ava asked, making kissy faces. Ingrid flipped her off. Ava laughed, then began to pull out a cigarette from her backpack. It was hard to maneuver since she was holding Andy over her shoulder, but she managed it.
    "Nope," Ingrid said immediately, snatching it away from her. "What's your deal dude?!" Ava protested. "First of all, you're too young. Secondly, we're in the middle of a f---ing apocalypse." Ingrid said, stomping the cigarette to the ground.
    "All the more reason to smoke, then" Ava argued, "That was such a waste, it's already hard to score some smokes at all."
    Before Ingrid could respond to that argument, the moans of a nearby deadless was heard. "Watch Andy," Ingrid whispered, unsheathing the katanas. Ava nodded, and ducked behind a bush
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    Time reminder: A few hours into the zombie apocalypse, night time. Around 3 am. Jax is asleep. Andy, Ava, and Ingrid are close to Ezekiel and Ivy, but both groups are being held up by deadless.)

    Ezekiel whispered to Ivy, "You need to stay quiet okay? I don't know why those guys are eating that guy, but something's not right here. I'm gonna teleport us forward, but stay close," Ezekiel instructed. Ivy nodded, though she was shaking violently.

    Ezekiel and Ivy were the only two in our party unaware of the outbreak. Ivy was terrified at the sight of all that blood, and Ezekiel didn't want to harm humans.
    He saw how frightened Ivy was and he picked her up, then teleported them quite a few meters ahead so that the cannibals were behind them. Ezekiel's strength depleted slightly, but he was full of adrenaline and he had to get Ivy away from those dangerous people. "Can you walk?" Ezekiel asked Ivy. Ivy quickly shook her head from side to side, clinging tightly onto Ezekiel's neck. "Might as well teleport us away then," He said.

    Before could actually do it, Ivy suddenly let go and let herself drop to the ground. She screamed in terror, falling into a flashback at this terrible moment. This obviously caught the attention of every deadless in close proximity to them, and before they knew it, they were surrounded by about 7. Ezekiel tried to pick up Ivy, but she was kicking and punching like a wild animal.
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    Ingrid found the source of the moan, the first zombie she's seen after learning about the apocalypse. It shuffled along slowly, many parts of the leg had been eaten away. Ingrid moved forward and snuck up from behind. She raised an arm to slice the deadless, but then a very familiar scream interupted them. The deadless walked forward, towards the scream, still unaware of Ingrid behind her.

    Ingrid shouted for Ava and together they followed the sound of the scream with worry. Ingrid was pissed. She was going to tear that angel limb from limb, rip away his bones, cut out his eyeballs and stuff it in his- when they found Ivy and Ezekiel, Ingrid fought the deadless mercilessly, channeling her anger.
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    Ezekiel was surprised when Ingrid emerged from the trees and began to slash away at the zombies like they were nothing but annoying bugs. He didn't know the other two in her tow, one brown haired girl holding a black haired guy. The brown haired one was a half-breed unicorn, he could tell right away. She seemed familiar.

    Ivy tried to crawl up and run away from the chaos, but Ezekiel quickly took hold of her hand. He was glad that Ingrid was here, though he definitely had explaining to do.

    The zombies weren't even bothering him anymore, they were too preoccupied with Ingrid and her warrior-esque fighting style. She killed one, then three, then six. Ingrid was unstoppable, sliding under legs, hopping over heads, cutting off hands. On the last deadless, she stabbed one of the katanas into his heart.

    "Ezekiel," she growled, with bloody swords and murderous eyes. He was still holding Ivy's hand, who was babbling about the black market.
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    Ezekiel gulped in fear at Ingrid's gaze. "I'll give you two seconds to explain why you have my sister out here," Ingrid said.

    "No one was truly at fault, Ivy awoke from her flashback and she punched at the door to get to you," Ezekiel said. Ingrid took a second to think before sheathing her swords and pulling Ivy close. "Shhhhh, it's gonna be okay," Ingrid said as Ivy shook and shivered. Ivy finally calmed down and looked up at Ingrid, "Did you see the canny bull?" She asked Ingrid. Ingrid gave her a questioning look. "Canny-bull," Ivy said slowly, trying out the word she'd never said before, "Ezekiel and I saw this canny bull eating another person, so he teleported us around it so we could go back to the bunker," Ivy said with a small smile.

    Ingrid laughed, though tears threatened to spill at her eyes, she happy to have her sister at her side again. Ivy was her responsibility, now if Ivy got hurt there'd be no one to blame but herself.

    "Lovely moment, but we should go to the bunker.. regroup, get some sleep," Ava said. She stepped over the unmoving bodies of deadless that Ingrid had slaughtered, Andy still draped over her shoulder.

    "Nice to meet-," Ezekiel offered, but Ava interrupted him, "No time. There could be more zombies around. We got a child and an unconscious wizard in tow, better get moving," Ava said.

    Ingrid nodded at that, and held onto Ivy's hand. They started to move. They were supposed to be silent, but Ivy kept on asking questions about the apocalypse. Ingrid filled her and Ezekiel in as they walked. Didn't take long before the reached the bunker.

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