Dark is Making me do this

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    Caine: My name is...
    *he glances around frantically for ideas*
    *he had abandoned his given name and needed to tell this child something*
    *there was a bookcase with many dusty novels lining the shelves, he found his name*
    My name is Caine! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance little lady. Can you tell me a bit about this place, what about you, or Mai-Mai?
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    Isaura: Oh, I can tell you lots! *sways from side to side* This is my brother's home. Him and all of my siblings live here together. *grins at him* I know all of the secrets they don't want anybody to hear. I can share some, if you want to hear them~ Um.. Hm.. What should I tell you about Mai-Mai?
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    Caine: Aw you're such a sweetheart Isa, you don't have to tell me their big secrets, but can you start by telling me a bit about this place?
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    Isaura: Well.. This is my brother's home. *slowly frowns* It's full of a lot of magic, and evil. But there's good, like me! So you should stick around, at least for a little bit.
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    Caine: Don't worry, I think I have no choice but to stay for a while.
    *Caine's expression becomes serious for a second as he re-focuses on Isaura*
    Sorry but I have another question, do you have any idea what they want me here for?
    *He gently grasps her small hands and he relaxes his face into a warm smile*
    In exchange I'll answer any question you want me to, how does that sound?
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    Isaura: *blinks, thinking to herself for a moment* Mm.. Mai likes to travel to different lands and help wandering souls that are lost. So I'm going to assume that she wants you here so she can help you. *giggle* Okay! Answer me this: Are you lost, Caine?
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    Caine: I was until just now, thank you little one.
    *Caine looks around the room to gather his thoughts*
    *He looks back to Isauna*
    It must get pretty boring around here sometimes right? What do you do for fun around here?
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    Isaura: I have some friends. They come to visit me a lot. They help make it super fun around here! *perks up* Say, do you like games?
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    Caine: *Caine takes a deep breath and sighs*
    You know what, I love games. Are there any that you wanted to play right now?
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    Isaura: Sure! How about--

    Winsor: *storms in, dragging Mai by her hood* Isaura, step away from that man right now.

    Isaura: No. *immediately stands in front of Caine*

    Mai: Isa..
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    Caine: *Caine tries his best to regain his composure*
    *it doesn't work*
    H-h-hey there. I uh, I don't think we've been um...introduced! We haven't been introduced yet. My name is...
    *he thinks for a second*
    My name is Caine!
    *he brings his hand out expecting a handshake*
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    Winsor: *flinches away from his hand, glaring* I don't care who you are. Mai shouldn't have brought you here.

    Isaura: We can bring whoever we want over.

    Winsor: Not when he has clearly been touched by a demon.

    Mai: You're the only demon I know!

    Winsor: *furious* *releases her, slapping her hard* Shut up, Mai.. Isaura, move!
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    Caine: *at long last Caine regains his composure*
    It's alright, I understand. You just want to keep those that are close to you safe right? I'll leave.
    *As he turns towards the door he stops himself and turns back*
    Ummm could I get a portal back?
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    Mai: No! You're staying here, you--

    Winsor: I'll do something better.. *snaps fingers*

    *no portal opens- however, Caine is warped somewhere else*
    *Mai, Winsor, and Isaura are nowhere to be seen*
    *Caine is now in someone's very clean bedroom*

    Wendy: *glances over* Aaaiye! *immediately jumps onto bed, cat tail fluffing up* Who are you!?
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    Caine: *Caine looks on with a dumb expression*
    *He takes a quick glance around to observe his new surroundings and his eyes lock on to the girl... with a cat tail?*
    Oh uh... hi there. First and foremost, I should mention that I did not come here of my own volition.

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