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    The Ancients control everything in existence and they have for as long as they have existed, and even though they disagree on basically everything, they all know that all must do their jobs to keep balance in all of existence, in fact, balance is the only thing they all agree on. The Ancients might all be ancient but they still came into existence at different times, here are all the Ancients in the order they came into existence.

    Good and Evil(They came into existence at the same time.)

    Simplified Plot

    Darkness, Death, and Evil call a meeting because there is no more darkness, death, and evil, meaning there is no balance. Light, Life, and Good disagree and say that everything is how it should be. They end up fighting. Existence stop their fighting and makes two new 'Ancients' called Happiness and Misery. Existence gives Happiness to Light, Life, and Good, and gives Misery to Darkness, Death, and Evil. Existence tells them to use the new 'Ancients' to make balance between happiness and misery and says that doing that will make everything else balanced. Existence is an a--hole.

    Detailed Plot

    But unbeknownst to the Ancients there is someone who is more powerful than them and that can control them and everything that they control. That someone is Existence, Existence made all the Ancients and has existed for forever. Existence made the Ancients because they wanted someone else to do all the work and they were bored, so they made each of the Ancients when they made a knew thing, except for Darkness, darkness already existed before Darkness existed. Now, this is in the far future where life is everywhere in existence and creatures have advanced so far that they have eliminated evil, death, and darkness, which of course does not make Evil, Death, and Darkness very happy. Good, Life, and Light have been gaining power and have been taking over existence for a long time now, the other three have tried to keep the balance but Life, Light, and Good have been able to get more power by working together, something Death, Darkness, and Evil can't do very well, and they were helping life to advance, to have longer life spans and more intelligence, they helped life to make the technology to get rid of death and darkness and they helped life to be better creatures and get rid of evil. Since they can't seem to regain balance on their own Darkness, Death, and Evil call the rest of the Ancients to a meeting to discuss the problem but the other three claim that nothing is wrong and that there is balance, balance between what matters which they think is life, light, and good. The other three don't understand why Life, Light, and Good have forgotten what balance really means and try to talk to them but the other three say that the happiness of life is what matters and since death, darkness, and evil don't make anything happy they don't matter, even though that isn't true. Since they can't talk them to reason the trio of Death, Darkness, and Evil attack the other three, though they're each most just fighting their opposites, and for some reason Life, Good, and Light manage to gain the upper hand in this fight. Existence decides to intervene and uses their infinite powers to make the Ancients stop fighting and makes two new 'Ancients' called Misery and Happiness, Existence gives Misery to Death, Darkness, and Evil, and gives Happiness to Life, Light, and Good. Existence tells them they must use these two new 'Ancients' to bring back balance to existence by using Misery's and Happiness's equal powers to bring a balance to happiness and misery in existence and a balance of those will cause a balance of everything else to happen naturally. But unfortunately for the Ancients, Existence decided to make the new 'Ancients' babies instead making them be adults like they did with the rest of the Ancients. Happiness is in the form of a slightly glowing, golden colored, energetic, fluffy, and obviously always happy male puppy, and Misery is in the form of a black female kitten that is covered in scars and recent looking wounds, chunks of her fur is missing, the fur she does have is knotted and dirty, she has only one eye, where the other one should be it seems have been clawed out, the missing eye is the right eye, she doesn't have a back left leg, and she always whimpering and miserable. Existence could have just restored balance themselves, but Existence is an a--hole.



    I have Darkness.

    The people who have Light, Life, and Good can control Happiness and the people who have Darkness, Death, and Evil can control Misery.

    Happiness and Misery are not characters you can have as your character, read the previous statement to see who controls them.

    Only I can control what Existence says and does.

    Starts at the beginning of the meeting.

    Character sheet

    Preferred Name:(It has to be their name in some language, it can be in English, or it has to be something that basically means their name.)

    Preferred Gender:

    Preferred Appearance:

    Preferred Voice:


    Other:(Don't put their powers here, those are obvious.)
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    Preferred Name:Fia

    Preferred Gender:Female

    Preferred Appearance:A huge pitch black wolf that is so dark that she looks like a wolf shaped void.

    Preferred Voice:A strange voice that sounds like it isn't really there but that you're imagining it, but loud and impossible to ignore, she also has an accent that is like a mix of Scottish and Irish.

    Personality:Authoritative, commanding, aggressive, arrogant.

    Other:Wherever she is the area around her darkens.
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    Can I join as light
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    Yes, sorry I didn't notice you before, I wasn't online.
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    Preferred Name: Lumire

    Preferred Gender: Female

    Preferred Appearance: she has long white hair and brown eyes. She is 5"2 and wears a puffy white dress with white mouse ears and white knee High boots. She is white mouse with brown eyes (very tiny) however she likes to stay in a human form so people don't tower over her.

    Preferred Voice: very innocent very quiet but high pitched.

    Personality: she is very cheerful and is very easily distracted she focuses on peoples wellbeing

    Other: she wishes Evey one to be happy and pure. She dimmly glows up dark places
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