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    The four kingdoms of dragons (stars) Sky, Earth, Day, and Night are in a war as a dark kingdom grows from the human world, all dragons must find a way to stop this kingdom before darkness spreads. The four leaders and their dragon kind set out on a journy to the human world without being seen.

    The dark kingdom is ruled by a banished dragon from the sky kingdom after being kicked out of the elections for the new leader, he seeks revenge as his wings were taken away... he must spread his kingdom across the land in order to defeat his enemies

    Medievil (cant spell it, lol)

    charactor sheet:
    you must be a leader or follower of kingdom, if you are a leader you have to have a follower character

    Dragon name:





    powers: (not overpowerd plz)



    name: Hazuki

    gender: female

    age: unknown

    kingdom: leader- night kingdom

    species: silver wing (last of kind)

    powers: telepathic communication, healing, mind controlling

    personality: protective, sarcastic, silly, brave, smart, and kind

    looks: pure black scales, glowing emerald eyes, razor sharp teeth and claws, black wings with lots of silver speckles, faint, dark grey moon on head, curved double horns


    Name: Zeroth

    gender: male

    age: 67 (teenage dragon :3)

    kingdom: night kingdom

    species: black tailed star dragon

    powers: super strength and speed

    personality: quiet, shy, protective, and loyal

    looks: light grey scales, black tipped tail, dark grey wings, yellow eyes, gleaming white claws and teeth, spikedtail and snout, horns slightly curved.
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    Name : Aui
    Gender : male
    Age : Unknown
    Kingdom :kingdom of the Nile

    Species : Pharaoh dragon.

    Powers: Control of earth ( includes , metal , lava sand ) control of water , control of fire ( sunlight as well ) control of air.

    Personlity : Aui acts like a leader , he is wise , brave and fair. He doesn't belive in causing others emotional pain unless it's the last option.
    Looks : Look at his name .
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    Oops realised there are specific kingdoms. Can the kingdom of the Nile ( Because kingdom of the Pharaohs was stupid ) replace one of the kingdoms please?

    Name : [url=
    Gender : female
    Age : Unknown
    Kingdom : Kingdom of the Nile ( If not then can we have the kingdom of the earth or day so we can have something jsut liek the layout for the kingdom of the isle?)
    Species : Hathor dragon.
    Powers : Control of sound , water , light and air
    Personlity : Anka is bubbly and has a lot of Personlity to go around. She's cheerful despite her looks suggesting otherwise she's a beautiful soul.
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    pheonix_pharaoh Advanced
    may i join?
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    I'll join if you'll have me
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    Is it too late to join?
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    If I can Join:
    Kingdom:Leader-Day Kingdom
    Species:Sun Flare Dragon
    Powers:Control over Fire,Light and Heat.Can obsurb power from the sun.Can create mini suns(bigger the sun,the more power it drains).
    Personality:Dilock has rage issues but keeps it under raps.He loves beauty and the sun.If anything threatens to destroy his kingdom he'd bring it down personaly.
    Looks:He has molten red and orange(in the stomach area) scales.Lava tail and toungue,Flaming wings and teeth,molten black scaled snout,Blue eyes.No horns.
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    Oh yeah he can control the heat of his skin(Min 500C-Max 100,000C)
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    yey, ok we can start
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    ye, u can join pheonix
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    Hazuki shook her head as she looked down at the human world, her emerald eyes glowed in the darkness "as always.. its unusally warm down there..." she sighed,

    Zeroth stubled towards her, gasping for breath "the day kingdom wont lower the sun.." Hazuki rolled her eyes... "another long sunset then..."
    Zeroth frowned, and looked down at the human world "when will the humans stop warming their world, its getting hotter every year.."
    Hazuki shrugged, she ruffled her wings "dunno.."

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